It all started with Abuelo Tin (Luis Sanchez). A business man and photographer from Cuba.

Abuelo Tin dancing in Havana, Cuba
Abuelo Tin, dancing in Havana Cuba.

Abuelo Tin develops business relationship in the USA making the Waldorf Astoria his new home when doing business in the USA and becoming a celebrity photographer for many clients such as Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus. This led to may of our family connections with the media and celebrities.

Abuelo Tin makes the Waldorf Astoria his second home in NYC.

Then came Luis Sanchez Jr. An Accountant specializing in manufacturing in Cuba working in the meat industry and then specializing in the hotel industry in the united States creating what is still today the referred to as the ultimate guide for policies and procedure for the hospitality industry.

Then came Luis Sanchez 3rd. Known by friends as Doclou, this sanchez specialized in financial services and software focused on manufacturing in the embroidery and textile industry.

Gladys Sanchez, Luis Sanchez 3rd and Luis Sanchez Jr.

As the dictatorial regime of Fidel Castro takes over in Cuba, Luis Sanchez Jr decide to flee and pave the way for the rest of the family in the USA. The only place the Sanchez would going forward call home and never looking back to Cuba.

Luis Sanchez Jr. come to the USA specializing in the hospitality and industry in the NYC/NJ area spending several years in Chicago. During this time he made sure all three sons would get college degrees in Accounting. Always telling his son’s your first degree will be Accounting like it not as an Accountant you will always find work easily.

Now came Luis Sanchez 3rd (aka Doclou). This Sanchez started in financial services and specialized in converting factories in NJ from paper and pen acconting systems to computerized accounting systems. At that time (pre-Windows) everyone was using OSAS (Open System Accounting Software). From their with the creation of Great Plains Accounting Software the mass exodus began to what became a consortium of 183,000 business clients all using one platform in what today we call the Supply Chain. This new Supply Chain Commerce system combines Accounting, Economics and Finance and is taught by some of the top schools around the world. Our preference is still Loyola in Chicago (A Jesuit University).

The Fashion Industry is still one of the most complete and lucrative Supply Chains from simple manufacturing to working with chemical, tool and die with distribution powered today by companies such as with their fulfillment systems.

Today, combining financial services with companies like Fashion Buyers Network where our consortium today is based for networking purposes. Our foundation continues to support the fashion industry with incubators for lending, investing and business development through a network of real people and not apps or bots.

Doclou supporting the fashion industry.

Unfinished Work

Even though may people think of our companies as tech companies. We are not. We are companies however that use technology better than most.

As we transition our moving all of our companies to NJ. Their are two remaining project that will hopefully be done by the end of 2020.

To launch a merchant bank in either New York or New Jersey and to launch a fraternal life insurance company probably in New York State.

Our latest family picture.

In Memory

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