Our History

Our Founders.

It started with Luis Sanchez. A professional photographer specializing in the entertainment and print media industry.







Abuelo Tin, started it all. A business leader in Cuba with work in the entertainment and fashion industries. First came to the United States and paved the way for the rest of the family.

Abuelo Tin comes to NYC and makes the Waldorf Astoria his second home while opening doors for the rest of the family












Abuelo Tin comes to the USA to develop relationships with companies such as Kodak and Prudential for Cuban Markets. Then came Luis Sanchez the son.

Luis Sanchez Jr. Accountant specializing in manufacturing and the hospitality industry.









Luis Sanchez flees the Castro dictatorial regime in Cuba and comes to NYC where the rest of the family followed shortly and drank to the story of the red, white and blue, never to look back and making the United States the only place we would call home.

Luis Sanchez Jr. comes to the USA. Leaving behind his family.








Specializing in the Hospitality and Entertainment Industries. Creation of internal controls combined with policies and procedures for both the food and beverage industry with the definitive guide to taking over and transitioning hotels that became a standard was created and is still used in all the successful hotel chains internationally. Foundation of the Sanchez to Sanchez to Sanchez Project.

Finally, we have Luis Sanchez, the grandson.

Glady Sanchez, Luis Sanchez 3rd (aka DocLou) and Luis Sanchez Junior








Known by friends as Doc Lou. This Sanchez has spear headed company operations and is now transitioning the company into the next phase of international growth. Growing up in the United States in the Entertainment and Hospitality Industry.

Fashion week









Couture Fashion Week









Upon graduation from college, this Sanchez entered the Financial Services Industry. Seeking a niche to build a client base and having a passion for technology (at that time it was Atari 1200 versus the Apple Amiga), client building began by offering companies in the embroidery, textile and chemical industries a free conversion from paper and pen accounting to the beginning of computerized accounting systems for a percentage of the company pension plans. Six years later with over 40,000 clients a niche lead to the creation of a consortium based consulting group specializing in the moving and financing of products over an international supply chain that has since grown to over 213,000 members globally.

Unfinished Work While many people mistake us for a technology company. As our founders always reminded us. We are geeky accountants who love technology .

Still to be completed

Launching of a fraternal life insurance and / or private bank.
Creation of a fund for the purpose of providing financing for small to mid-size companies until they can participate in the supply chain through one of our member or partner networks.

In memory:

Luis Sanchez Jr. Accountant specializing in manufacturing and the hospitality industry.
Luis Sanchez with Megan and Isabela