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13 things you should never wear to work in the summer

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You might already know not to wear shorts or sandals to the office, but it’s all the more tempting in the summer.
But experts say the heat isn’t an excuse to dress inappropriately.
According to managers and fashion and etiquette experts, these 14 fashion offenders (flip flops!) will make your coworkers and boss cringe. 


It’s finally time to break out your summer garb.

But … probably not in the office.

“People may think anything goes in the warmer months, especially if their company is casual or relaxes their summer dress code,” Brandi Britton, district president of staffing firm OfficeTeam, told Business Insider. “But it’s still important to follow guidelines and dress professionally.”

In a survey from OfficeTeam, 80% of managers said clothing choices could affect an employee’s chance of getting promoted. The same survey found managers say tank tops, “cold shoulder tops,” and shorts are less acceptable now than even five years ago. 

Here are 13 things to avoid wearing to the office this summer. 

Tank tops or halters
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While there are plenty of work-appropriate sleeveless tops for women, tank tops and camisoles should serve as undergarments in the workplace. Layer it under a blazer or camisole. 

As for men, only lifeguards should bare their shoulders at work.

Bare midriffs
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Crop tops are fashionable, but most likely not appropriate for your office.

Some environments might allow it. Alexis Bennett of Self Magazine wrote about her experience wearing them for a whole week. Mind her disclaimer, though: “I work at a magazine where women are always expressing their own personal styles.”

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Managers in the OfficeTeam survey highlighted this as a clothing item that has become less acceptable in the last five years. 

Clinton Kelly, co-host of TLC’s “What Not to Wear” reality series, told employment website that women could consider shorts that reach the top of your knees — and no shorter. But men should steer clear of them entirely.

“Generally speaking, shorts aren’t appropriate for professional environments because they can show too much skin, and that can be distracting,” Britton told Business Insider.

The same goes for short skirts.

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