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9 things Queen Elizabeth II actually has the power to do

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Queen Elizabeth II does a lot more than rock her neon outfits
While Parliament is the UK’s highest governing body, the queen is still responsible for signing off on a proposed bill before it officially goes into effect. 
The queen can also grant “royal pardon” to anyone convicted of a crime. 

You may mostly see her giving to charity and rocking neon outfits, but the United Kingdom’s reigning monarch does have some very real governmental power.

Open Parliament sessions

Parliament, not the royal family, is the United Kingdom’s highest governing body… and yet Queen Elizabeth II does still have some power over this legislative group containing hundreds of individuals. Namely, she must officially open Parliament every May to commence the Parliamentary year. The ceremony is elaborate and steeped in tradition; the Queen must lead a procession through the Royal Gallery at the Palace of Westminster, wear the Imperial State Crown, and give a formal address to both Houses of Parliament. This is the only ceremonial event where the House of Lords, the House of Commons, and the Queen herself gather in the same space. Here are some more surprising facts (and a few scandals) about Queen Elizabeth II.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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