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Chipotle is being forced to pay $8 million to an ex-manager who was fired after being accused of stealing $626 (CMG)

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Chipotle is being forced to pay a former manager nearly $8 million after she was accused of stealing $626 and fired. 
The ex-manager’s lawyers argued she was unfairly fired and accused of theft after taking medical leave due to a work-related injury. 
The manager had been making $70,000 a year at the burrito chain prior to her termination. 

Chipotle is being forced to pay a former manager $8 million after she was fired from the chain following accusations of theft. 

In 2015, Jeanette Ortiz was fired as a general manager at a Fresno, California Chipotle after working for the chain for 14 years, The Fresno Bee reports. Ortiz was accused of stealing $626 in cash from the restaurant’s safe, with Chipotle superiors claiming to have viewed video footage that implicated her. See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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