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This photo of a very upset LeBron James sums up the brutal way the Cleveland Cavaliers blew the win in the final seconds

LeBron J.R. Smith Cleveland Cavaliers NBA FinalsPhoto courtesy of ESPN

A last-second blunder from J.R. Smith cost the Cleveland Cavaliers the first game of the NBA Finals and wasted an incredible performance by LeBron James.
James’ frustration was captured on video, and the internet loved the image, which quickly turned into a meme. 

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost the first game of the NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors in an absolutely brutal fashion on Thursday night, with Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith appearing to forget that the score was tied and dribbling the ball out instead of taking what could have been the game-winning shot.

LeBron James, who put forth a Herculean effort to try to drag Cleveland to a win against such a loaded Golden State squad, was quite upset with Smith, as seen above.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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