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Report blames Jurgen Klinsmann for the chemistry and culture of the US national soccer team

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A new report from The Ringer details just how extensively former U.S. Soccer head coach Jurgen Klinsmann may have damaged the chemistry of the Men’s National Team. 
Klinsmann was also accused of being a poor tactician and having an obsessive desire to control all aspects of U.S. Soccer. 
Klinsmann is said to have had a poor effect on team morale causing the U.S. to lose its fighting mentality which had previously made the team greater than the sum of its parts. 
Chemistry problems continued even after Klinsmann was let go. 

A report from Andrew Helms and Matt Pentz in The Ringer goes in-depth into U.S. Soccer’s failure to qualify for the 2018 World Cup and places the bulk of the blame on former U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann for having a corrosive effect on the team’s culture. 

Klinsmann, as was known publicly, had been pursued by U.S. Soccer for the head coaching job for years before the federation president Sunil Gulati finally got him to sign in 2011. Previous attempts at hiring Klinsmann, Helms, and Pentz wrote, had stalled due to his salary demands and, more importantly, Klinsmann’s desire for greater control of the program. That desire for control would become a recurring issue during his tenure. See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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