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How P&G and In Kind Direct Bring #ComfortsofHome to Those in Need


P&G UK and In Kind Direct

No one should have to go without essential everyday products, particularly vulnerable people who are reaching out for a helping hand—and trying to get back on their feet. P&G UK has spent the last 16 years working towards this vision with In Kind Direct, a UK-based organization founded in 1997 by HRH The Prince of Wales that distributes consumer goods donated by companies to charities working in the UK and overseas.

In essence, it helps charities of every type and size give essential quality products to those in need and combat the issue of hygiene poverty. A new campaign shows how P&G and In Kind Direct are providing the #ComfortsofHome to those in need, and helping non-profit organizations and charities make a difference to their beneficiaries.

Three short films showcase the role P&G has played in providing quality branded products to help charities tackle hygiene poverty and offer back dignity to those in need. The campaign features two charities as case studies, Baron’s Court Project in Hammersmith, London and StreetScene in Bournemouth, as two longstanding beneficiaries of P&G donations.

For the past 25 years, the British charity StreetScene, for example, has provided residential and other support services for various addiction problems through its Bournemouth and Southampton rehabilitation centers in the UK. StreetScene is one of the hundreds of charities that has been benefitting from the product donations P&G makes to In Kind Direct for many years. A new campaign shows how providing the #ComfortsofHome helps them to make a difference to their beneficiaries.

"When you’ve had to leave home because of domestic abuse, the last thing on your mind is to pack your toothbrush and toothpaste, let alone your make-up." #HygienePoverty #ProductGiving

— In Kind Direct (@InKindDirect) July 13, 2018

Long before people go to foodbanks, many have already given up essentials such as toothpaste and toilet roll. When someone can’t afford to maintain basic personal hygiene, this can have dramatic consequences on their self-esteem. But we can change that.

— In Kind Direct (@InKindDirect) July 14, 2018

Since the partnership with P&G began in 2002, more than £45 million worth of products have been donated to In Kind Direct, which in turn has helped over 2 million people across the UK. An expanding array of partnerships, such as Amazon, helps ensure that everyone has access to life’s essentials and that no usable product goes to waste.

Join @AmazonUK and other high street brands to help make a difference to vulnerable people's lives #ProductGiving

— In Kind Direct (@InKindDirect) July 15, 2018

P&G globally firmly believes in making an impact in local communities. Through P&G UK’s work with In Kind Direct it’s able to donate and use some of the most iconic and beloved brands as a force for good. Find out more about the partnership and its social impact below:

No one should have to go without essential everyday quality products.

We've spent the last 16 years working towards this vision with @InKindDirect, helping UK charities of every type and size give essential products to those in need.#ComfortsofHome #ProductGiving

— P&G UK and Ireland (@PGUK) June 28, 2018

Our partnership with @InKindDirect means our surplus products reach charities, and in the process, save tons of products from reaching landfill.#ComfortsofHome #ProductGiving

— P&G UK and Ireland (@PGUK) June 28, 2018

“Jim had only grown a beard due to the high cost of shaving. We were able to order a razor for him and he was so thrilled. He went upstairs with a full beard and came down clean shaven, feeling ‘ten years younger’."

Sharon Atter, Manager, St. Vincent’s Care Home #ComfortsofHome

— P&G UK and Ireland (@PGUK) June 29, 2018

“I received a cleaning and toiletry hamper when I attended the summer festival with my family. This was amazing as it had so much useful stuff in it. Having the extra support makes a huge difference.”

Jean, Young Mum, Under 5s Stay & Play#ComfortsofHome

— P&G UK and Ireland (@PGUK) July 2, 2018

We’re proud to support @InKindDirect in reducing #hygienepoverty across the UK by donating surplus products to those in need. Together, we have reached over 2 million people since 2002.#ComfortsofHome #ProductGiving

— P&G UK and Ireland (@PGUK) July 3, 2018

Together with @InKindDirect we have supported charities like @BaronsProject, to help people who are homeless or living with mental health problems focus on getting back on track.#ComfortsofHome #ProductGiving

— P&G UK and Ireland (@PGUK) July 4, 2018

From quality deodorant and toothpaste to washing tablets and air freshener, we have donated over 5,000 different lines of products to @InKindDirect.#ComfortsofHome #ProductGiving

— P&G UK and Ireland (@PGUK) July 5, 2018

“Even one bottle of shampoo, one Gillette aftershave, etc. does wonders for people’s self-esteem.”

Denis Onyango, Development Manager, Africa Advocacy Foundation#ComfortsofHome #ProductGiving

— P&G UK and Ireland (@PGUK) July 6, 2018

“Mothers living on their own, on low incomes, can let their personal hygiene slip because of depression or lack of funds. @InKindDirect not only fills the gap but helps them feel special.”

Theresa Burke, Scheme Manager, @homestartuk #ComfortsofHome #ProductGiving

— P&G UK and Ireland (@PGUK) July 9, 2018

“The money we save on cleaning products, washing up liquid, toilet paper, razors and hand wash allows us to keep many of the activities going, these can be life changing and even life saving for some of our clients.”

Michael Angus, Director, @BaronsProject#ComfortsofHome

— P&G UK and Ireland (@PGUK) July 11, 2018

“We use the products to help teach and encourage members how to keep themselves clean and tidy, helping them develop greater independence."

Janet Sullivan, Chief Executive, @mencap_charity#ComfortsofHome #ProductGiving

— P&G UK and Ireland (@PGUK) July 12, 2018

Some of the amazing @PGUK #volunteers hard at work refurbishing one of our refuges with @HabitatFHGB. The teams travelled from across the UK to refurbish the rooms & garden of the refuge which houses women & children feeling #abuse. A huge thank you for your help & support.

— Housing for Women (@Housing4Women) July 12, 2018

Over three quarters of a million packs of surplus P&G products have been donated over the last 16 years with @InKindDirect#ComfortsofHome #ProductGiving

— P&G UK and Ireland (@PGUK) July 13, 2018


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