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Watch Travis Scott’s Unreal “Astroworld” Album Trailer

TravisScott-ButterflyEffect1Have you ever seen the movie The Day After Tomorrow? There is a scene where the main characters are stuck on a deserted boat that’s completely covered in ice. On this boat is a pack of hungry wolves, who end up attacking the main characters as they search this boat for supplies to survive.

This doesn’t have much to do with music, but it has a lot to do with Travis Scott’s newest Album Trailer, which he just posted earlier today. The trailer is out of this world, and it opens up in a similar fashion to the scene I just described – Scott is alone in a deserted mall covered in snow, with packs of wolves sauntering around in the background. The big difference between this trailer and that scene from The Day After Tomorrow would probably be the huge meteors hurling around the empty mall. The CGI alone on this video is unbelievable and is very indicative of the name Astroworld, the name of this upcoming album.

Astroworld is scheduled to be released August 3rd, and it seems this video teases a song off the upcoming album called Stargazing. Scott has been an RTT favorite for some time, and we can’t wait for him to release the project.

Take a look at the video yourself down below.

Travis Scott – Astroworld Trailer

‘Watch Travis Scott’s Unreal “Astroworld” Album Trailer

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