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Development of the electric brain. Interview with my favourite neuroscientist Dr Matt Grubb

Matt Grubb Kings London axon initial segment

Meet Dr Matt Grubb. He’s one of my all-time favourite neuroscientists. Matt and I met in Oxford. We did our PhDs in the same lab, went to the same college, played in the same netball team, drank in the same pubs, and even starred in the same Christmas panto …

Matt was always going to shine as a neuroscientist, and part of his brilliance was what pushed me into science writing (mind you, I still aspire to write as well as he does). I’m incredibly proud of how well he has done, and will lay claim to giving him his first lessons in electrophysiology.

Matt heads up the Grubb Lab in Kings College London where he tries to figure out two things:

1. How the electrical activity that occurs in the developing brain has its dramatic effects on a neuron’s identity, its position, its shape, and its connections with other cells.

2.  How adult-born neurons can squeeze their way into a network of interconnected neurons that are already established, without messing that network up.

In his own words his research aims to “help to inform treatments trying to replace human cells lost through injury or disease.  If we’re trying to replace old cells with new cells, why not take a few hints from the way the brain does it all on its own?”
Tell me about your current position and how long have you been in there?

I was lucky enough to get a 5-year Career Development Fellowship from the Wellcome Trust to set up my own lab here at King’s College London.  That started in May 2010 so I’ve got about a year and a half of it left…

I want to understand how and why you ended up here working as a neuroscientist … tell me about your ‘journey’, what led you to this job?

I just kept doing the things I liked doing!

That’s the nice thing about science – your education actually gives you a pretty good idea of what it’s like and whether you enjoy it.

So I loved biology at school, especially the brain bits, then I essentially did a neuroscience degree, where I loved the cellular bits, and I’ve kept on with those cellular neuroscience bits ever since.

What motivates you? What are you most excited or passionate about (maybe this isn’t neuroscience!)? 

Love a clean result. That’s not necessarily a ‘good’ result, or the one you’re expecting, but you plan your experiments hoping that they’ll enlighten you a little bit instead of just making things more complicated. If you can go home feeling like you understand the brain a little bit better, that’s a good month (yes, things move that slowly in neuroscience!)

Now, on to the science! Give me a brief overview of your research/lab (and remember most readers are not scientists!)

We try to figure out how brain cells change as they develop.

Neurons have to adapt to all kinds of perturbations as they mature, and we try to figure out how and why these adaptations occur.

Give me a brief overview of what a typical day might involve? What does a neuroscientist *do*?

One of the best things about this job is the variety.  I’m a young group leader, so I still get to do ‘proper’ experiments in the lab – that’s pretty much the textbook stereotyped picture of a scientist, lots of microscopes, liquids in tubes and Bunsen burners.

But I also spend a lot of time supervising people in my group – training them on practical techniques, talking through their data and planning future experiments.

I might have a bit of undergraduate lecturing/tutorialling/marking to do.  Then there’s all the usual boring bureaucratic rubbish you have to do in any managerial job.

And finally if there’s a deadline looming or we’ve managed to put together an exciting (or at least reasonably coherent) story, I’ll spend time writing grant proposals for more funding, or manuscripts so we can publish our work.

Who funds your research?

Most of our funding comes from the Wellcome Trust, a UK biomedical science charity which is completely independent of government money.  This makes it much easier to convince my Dad we’re not wasting his taxpayer’s cash…

Take this opportunity to dispel a myth. As a neuroscientist, what beliefs or misconceptions about the brain/neuroscience really bug you?

The ‘you only use 10% of your brain’ one is crazy – no-one knows where it originated, and there’s abundant evidence to show that it’s completely untrue.

But I get far more annoyed with people using pseudo-neuroscientific explanations for things – ‘you’re happy because of increased serotonin levels’ or ‘I think mainly with my right brain’.  These don’t really help anyone understand anything.

Take this opportunity share any message you’d like about your research/neuroscience/brain health/science.

Basic research matters!

There’s a huge shift in the priorities of government funding agencies in the UK at the moment, where they’ve decided that taxpayers need to see some ‘results’ for the money put into research.  This means funding is moving away from basic science (e.g. ‘how does the brain develop?’) towards so-called ‘translational’ science (e.g. ‘how can we stop abnormal brain development?’).

There’s nothing wrong with translational work, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it’s hard to translate a lack of understanding into any kind of concrete benefit.

Just in case it’s not obvious, we really don’t understand the brain very well at all yet.  Basic research might seem ‘pie-in-the-sky’, but without it you don’t get anywhere.

Anything else to add?

Best job in the world.


Grubb Lab

Matt’s explanation of his research for the non-scientist  and a visual of his science as demonstrated by Nobby the Knitted Neuron.

Matt’s fantastic list of publications



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De Poezenboot! We Brought Coffee To Amsterdam’s Delightful Floating Cat Charity

de poezenboot amsterdam netherlandsde poezenboot amsterdam netherlands

Photo courtesy of Djaro G.

“De Poezenboot. Goedemorgen?” That translates to “The Catboat. Good morning?” and it is how Judith, in a warm yet clearly down-to-business voice, answers the office phone. She is the manager and the public—human—face of a cat refuge long moored in the Singel, a large canal that once moated Amsterdam’s medieval center and still provides the embankment for Golden Age mansions.

By contrast, De Poezenboot (pronounced “POOH-sen boat”; poezen is Dutch for “cats”) appears as a simple wooden rectangle floating on concrete, in a boat style known as an ark. Hardly of Noah dimensions, the shelter can hold 50 cats at a time—this month they’re the chosen charity supported by sales of Santa Claude, a special holiday coffee collaboration between Sprudge, Cafe Imports, Roundhill Roasters, and Dutch Pack. Currently, there are 17 in-house cats, each with a distinctive personality, and while most of the cats at the shelter are rehomed in short order, some are too rascally to place with families, and now call De Poezenboot their forever floating home.

de poezenboot amsterdam netherlands

de poezenboot amsterdam netherlands

Kasumi is a yellow-eyed Persian that hams it up for the camera, but gets pushed aside by her housemates during mealtime and pees where she pleases. Samus, the dead ringer for Scut Farkus, comes with his own scratch-warning sign and last year posed in a photo with Ricky Gervais.

On a recent Wednesday, one of the two days the boat is closed to the public, Judith sat at her desk in the reception area. Between fielding calls, she talked about De Poezenboot and sipped a drink that Sprudge picked up prior to the interview. Good Beans, a nearby espresso bar which this past summer came under new American-Norwegian ownership, prepared Judith’s hot chocolate and an Americano with their own Rwandan Bourbon roast. The coffee went to Michi, a feline portrait artist and the volunteer that morning taking care of rigorous kennel cleaning.

de poezenboot amsterdam netherlands

de poezenboot amsterdam netherlands

Even though stray animals are not a systemic problem in the Netherlands, De Poezenboot has plenty of work. It takes in cats that are occasionally found on the street, orphaned, aging, or otherwise too difficult for owners to continue tending.

“Sometimes we have a whole family crying here because they have to bring in their cat,” says Judith.

As a schoolchild, she was one of De Poezenboot’s earliest volunteers, and eventually became a friend and a caregiver to Henriëtte van Weelde, the woman who began the sanctuary. That was in 1968, on a barge one canal over. Van Weelde died at age 90 in 2005.

de poezenboot amsterdam netherlands

de poezenboot amsterdam netherlands

Today, the De Poezenboot has 22 volunteers, organized into fixed teams that rotate boat shifts. Their main responsibilities are feeding, administering medicine, and cleaning. They also keep an eye on the neighborhood swan that likes to swim up to the deck and out-hiss its water-wary canal-mates. Some volunteers double as foster parents, socializing and nursing cats to more adoptable states. Judith had planned to do precisely that with a once “really tiny and scared” kitten, she recalls, but eight years later, Jumi is her family pet (as is a merle-coated Chihuahua named Rosa).

The boat survives on donations, with money put towards cat provisions plus mooring and other houseboat-related costs. The small fee that adopters pay largely covers health costs, including sterilization, vaccination, chipping, and sometimes deworming.

de poezenboot amsterdam netherlands

de poezenboot amsterdam netherlands

This past June, De Poezenboot celebrated its 50 year anniversary. Feline-themed festivities aside, the jubileum allowed the organization to raise funds for a campaign to help financially struggling Amsterdammers get their cats spayed and neutered “almost for free,” says Judith. The program is scheduled to run in February 2019.

In the meantime, rehoming remains the main mission. Would-be adopters who see a listing on the website or via social media can call or visit to inquire if they might be a good match.

“We do want to have the cats go to the most suitable house,” Judith emphasizes. “If we have a cat, for instance, that is scared of kids, but really beautiful, and somebody comes in and says, ‘Oh I like that beautiful cat,’ but she has three screaming kids, she will not get the cat.”

de poezenboot amsterdam netherlands

Yet, most adopters are, much like the creature they covet, sensitive and self-assured.

“We get nice people, people that think about what they’re doing, not people who are like ‘Oh give me a cat, and I don’t mind what kind of cat. Just give me one,’” says Judith.

Included in that group are business proprietors that seek a mouser or, for whatever reason, a whiskered workplace companion. Up the block, Café Kobalt got “a red one from us,” notes Judith, “and Café de Doelen also.” More recently, a local cigar store requested neither a cafe lounger nor a lap-sitter, but rather “an independent cat that goes his own way.” The satisfied owner has already emailed photos, says Judith. “Everybody loves him and he’s running through the store.”

de poezenboot amsterdam netherlands

De Poezenboot is located at Sigel 38G, Amsterdam. Visit their official website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Karina Hof is a Sprudge staff writer based in Amsterdam. Read more Karina Hof on Sprudge.

Support De Poezenboot and drink delicious coffee with Santa Claude! Worldwide shipping available.

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Let’s protect everyone…

Have you ever seen a trapeze artist perform in a circus? Though his act is full of uncertainty and risk, the artist is able to perform without hesitation. What enables him to do this? The assurance of the safety net at the bottom. He has the surety in his mind that even if he falls while performing, he cannot get hurt because the safety net will catch him.
Similarly, we all seek that ‘safety net’ or protection in our life. This need for protection is fulfilled by different things including people, our status in life, the amount of money we have etc… These things provides us with security and peace of mind that helps us move on in life.
However, it is not enough to look for our own safety always. It is important that we also create an environment that allows other people to feel safe in our presence. When we make someone feel safe, it means that he/she does not fear us in any way. They can be open with us and not fear being judged for something they say or do.
Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan has defined this as the ultimate form of charity called, ‘Abhaya daan’. He says, ‘Abhaya daan is where one’s conduct is such that he will not raise fear in any living being. For abhaya daan, one should have the inner intention of not hurting any living being, even in the slightest degree. Only then will this come into practice.”
So on this auspicious occasion of Rakshabandhan, why don’t we decide to create a safe, open environment around us, which will enable others to feel protected in our presence?

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How to Plan Employee Engagement Contests That All Your Teams Will Love

How to Plan Employee Engagement Contests That All Your Teams Will Love

Thirty-three percent. It’s a fairly low number. We wouldn’t want to see that number for our customer satisfaction or client retention rates. But that’s the number of American workers who report being engaged at work. And if a figure that low isn’t acceptable when it comes to our clients, it shouldn’t be acceptable when it comes to employees either. Low engagement leads to poor performance, dissatisfaction, and higher turnover. But there are ways to combat this disengagement. Employment engagement contests help keep people motivated and gives everyone a common goal beyond just doing well at work. You want to make sure your contests are inclusive of everyone within your organization, regardless of department or job title.

Here are a few tips for building employee engagement contests that everyone will love.

Get Out of the Office

When you have different departments with different goals and responsibilities, it can be hard to manage an in-office contest. You can’t pit them against each other to see who can close the most sales or enter the most data, because there will be very clear winners before they even begin. Instead, focus on contests that everyone can reasonably participate in, regardless of their job title or skills.

This often means getting out of the office. Though you might have the time, budget, and resources to execute numerous company outings, planning even a single event a year where employees can get together outside of work for a little friendly competition can help make everyone feel a little more engaged within the company. Do trivia at a bar, play a few rounds of mini-golf, or even see which department can collect the most cans for a community food drive.

Ask Employees What They Want

Employment engagement contests are only effective if they are actually engaging. While no one idea will likely ever satisfy every single employee, it is still a good idea to at least try and get a good idea of what your employees might like to do. After all, this about them.

An employee-led committee to plan contests can incorporate employees from various departments to make sure everyone is represented.  Or you can even use surveys to help you figure out what kinds of contests everyone might be interested in. Most enterprise chat systems have polling features built in. And many HR suites offer employee feedback tools like surveying as well.

Not everyone will excel in every single contest. But you should have a pretty decent understanding of your employees that allows you to tailor your contests for a high chance of success. Contests are a lot less motivating when few participants can succeed. Make sure everyone is gaining something.

Make it Regular

Of course, you can’t host one contest and expect everyone to remain engaged long term.

To keep employees engaged, contests should become regular events.  As is the case with anything good, you don’t want to overdo it. But you also don’t want to introduce your employees to something they enjoy only to never bring it back. Then they’ll just be demoralized on top of being disengaged.

Establish what “regular” means for you and what works for your organization, then stick with.

Whether it’s once a year or twice a week, having something consistent to look forward to always makes work a little more enjoyable. Plus, the more regular these inter-departmental contests are, the most opportunities employees have to mingle and get to know each other.

Reward Teams for Little Tasks

Rewards can go a long way and the be the incentive your employees need to go the extra mile. Come up with contests that involve everyone doing their job but aren’t dependent on specific positions. For example, everyone, regardless of position, should be showing up to work on time. So consider building a contest around perfect attendance and punctuality. Even something as simple as free lunch for the entire floor if the dishwasher gets loaded and unloaded for 30 days in a row can engage employees around a common cause.

Show Off the Results

There’s nothing more frustrating than doing something well and getting no recognition. No matter what kind of contest you decide on, consider displaying the results somewhere or sending them out to the whole team. It’s important to recognize and reward employees for their participation.

You can keep a leaderboard in the break room or leverage a recognition platform to showcase results so that those who didn’t win will be encouraged to work harder next time, and those who did win can appreciate their own victory.

Implement Initiatives to Help With Goals

Have departments in the office compete and see who can hit the gym after work the most days per week or eat the most fruits and veggies for lunch? Is a group of employees working together to raise the most money for a local charity? Help these freelance efforts out! Initiatives like a company-sponsored gym membership, catered lunches, or charitable giving matching can all help employees reach their own goal. Even simple acts like these can increase employee engagement.

Hold Managers Accountable

Getting different departments on board for a contest can be tough. Making sure everyone is involved can make it a little easier. Managers need to set the example for other employees by participating in contests, and by giving it their all.

Seeing managers compete can be good motivation for employees to step up their own game, and the idea of winning a competition against their boss might make people work even harder!

Finally, Be Proactive

The best way to maintain employee engagement is to never lose it in the first place. This is easier said than done, of course, but you should be taking steps to ensure that every employee is engaged from day one, and that they all stay that way.

No matter the age, everyone likes the chance to have some fun at work. Incorporating simple contests into the daily routine can be incredibly effective in helping your teams bond and work better together.

Learn more about what incentives to offer in your next employee engagement contest by accessing Achievers’ e-book: “How to Incentivize the Modern Workforce.

Download EBook Red CTA Button



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All The Best New Music From This Week That You Need To Hear

Getty Image

Keeping up with new music can be exhausting, even impossible. From the weekly album releases to standalone singles dropping on a daily basis, the amount of music is so vast it’s easy for something to slip through the cracks. Even following along with the Uproxx recommendations on daily basis can be a lot to ask, so every Monday we’re offering up this rundown of the best music released in the last week.

This week was the last huge release day of the year, offering an incredible new album from The 1975, hip-hop heavyweights like Earl Sweatshirt and Meek Mill, and a new song from Grimes that is one of the most divisive of her career. Yeah, it was still a pretty great week for music. Check out the highlights below.

Earl Sweatshirt — Some Rap Songs

Earl Sweatshirt’s relatively quiet time between his 2015 I Don’t Like Sh*t, I Don’t Go Outside and now felt very deliberate, an absence from the spotlight as much about keeping his own mental health as it was anything to do with his career. But like anything that we can’t have, that gap makes Some Rap Songs all the more anticipated. Earl remains one of the most singular voices of his generation, offering an album that is light on features and heavy on feelings.

The 1975 — A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

The 1975 continue the transformation from teen-approved curiosity to critically-acclaimed juggernaut. And they do so on their own terms. Sure, you’ve probably already heard the best moments of A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships thanks to a steady rollout of singles, but damn if those singles aren’t something special. This is the album that catapults the band into a new realm, where their critical cachet matches their commercial viability.

Meek Mill — Championships

If anyone deserves a win, it’s Meek Mill. Following an ungodly time spent behind bars for what is widely reported to be utter bullsh*t, Meek is back where he belongs, not just out of prison, but on the tips of the tongues of the music world for the art he has created. Drake shows up for one of the most anticipated songs of the year, Jay-Z causes a stir with bars that critique Trump, and the likes of Cardi B, 21 Savage, and Future turn up. It’s enough to demand a trophy.

Jeff Tweedy — WARM

Between Wilco, Loose Fur, Uncle Tupelo, Tweedy, and Golden Smog, the world has never been at a shortage of projects to appreciate the work of Jeff Tweedy. But he hasn’t released a whole lot of music under just his own name, and that changes with this solo album. Without the pressure of Wilco behind the project, Tweedy is as relaxed and comfortable as ever, offering up a collection of songs that showcase the sturdiness of his craft.

Lil Baby — Street Gossip

Lil Baby has had quite a year. He’s already offered up his first proper studio album, Harder Than Ever, as well as his collaboration with Gunna, but the name of the game in hip-hop these days is maximum saturation, and he’s back with one more before the end of the year. Despite this being his first offering out of his last six without some variation of “hard” in the title, that doesn’t affect just how hard the rising rapper goes. Meek Mill, Gucci Mane, Young Thug, and Gunna all turn up on the offering.

Kaytranada — Nothin Like You / Chances EP

One of electronic music’s most exciting artists is back, at least in a limited sense. With little fanfare, Kaytranada has dropped a brand new EP, complete with appearances from Ty Dolla Sign and Shay Lia. It’s his first bit of new music since his amazing 99.9%, and will hopefully be the kickstart of the next chapter for this magnetic producer.

Grimes — “We Appreciate Power”

Remember when Grimes’ label, 4AD, had a big conflict with the singer and the world was left to speculate exactly why? Well, listening to the songwriter’s nu metal-referencing, AI-discussing, and honestly quite wild new single, it’s not hard to imagine what the issues could have been. Is this the most extreme of the upcoming new Grimes material or the most tame? We’ll have to wait to find out, but in the meantime, it’s hard to deny that she’s sticking to her guns and making music that literally no one else could.

Sharon Van Etten — “Jupiter 4”

It’s been years since the last Sharon Van Etten album, enough time for there to be a t-shirt campaign asking when the next album would be coming. And as seen on previous single “Comeback Kid” and now “Jupiter 4,” the time has been put to good use, crafting a whole new sound so the artist who could easily rest on her laurels. “Jupiter 4” is dramatic and grand, emotionally charged but pushing her aesthetic beyond just that. Van Etten has never sounded so rich and free, and it suits her marvelously.

Los Unidades — Global Citizen EP Vol. 1

Coldplay just released a pretty fantastic documentary about their band, but they are also pressing forward with a new release. Well, kind of. They’ve adopted a new moniker for this one, putting out a charity endeavor featuring the likes of Pharrell Williams, Stormzy, and, uh, Nelson Mandela. The band is such a huge global presence that this offering makes a lot of sense, likely appealing more to their international following specifically than to their English-language one.

Mark Ronson — “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” Feat. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has always had country pulsing in her veins, just look at who her father is. Still, this collaboration with Mark Ronson uses her twang to its advantage, evoking her Southern roots for a lush pop gem. As our own Caitlin White notes, “If “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” is indicative of Miley’s new phase, though, the sonics are a welcome left turn.”

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FRIDAY — Del Mar Race 7 — Kathryn Crosby Stakes

Wanted to draw your attention to this race because I think there's some real value here and, if you can crack it, it's going to pay extremely well.

The race is a turf mile and has a ton of talent including some familiar names, but also (in my opinion) an intriguing 20-1 shot.

QUEBEC (#6, 9/2), WAY TO VERSAILLES (#7, 7/2), and TONAHUTU (#8, 6-1) just faced each other a month ago and finished a blanket 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the Swingtime B Stakes at Santa Anita. I was most impressed with Tonahutu's run, coming from way back to almost catch the leaders. The track was speed-favoring and, had the race been an extra furlong, she'd have won. I like her the best out of these 3.

Other horses with a chance include GLIDING BY (#1, 8-1) who will be overlooked because of her spotty record, but draw a line through everything that ISN'T a 7f or 8f turf race and you're left with some impressive runs; and LAST PROMISE KEPT (#11, 5-1) who I feel is way too low odds at 5-1 but, with this jock/trainer combo, could steal it. Likewise, SWEET CHARITY (#10, 6-1) never seems to run a bad race and has been competitive against MUCH stronger fields than this, though I'm not sure if she's fast enough to get the win.

But the horse I'm most curious about is ESCAPE CLAUSE (#9, 20-1) who has reeled off 8 CONSECUTIVE VICTORIES, most at open lengths. The horse also has great speed numbers, the top Power number, and has been training extremely well.

The only knock I can see is that the horse has never run on the grass, and I'm not entirely sure why the connections chose Saturday to start. Why not bump the horse up to graded stakes races on the dirt?

And why the hell is this horse 20-1?! I'd take 6-1 on this gal and be happy, so I hope she scares off people looking for turf milers and gets us a great price.

Bet of the weekend if she runs the way I think she might. Don't leave her out of your exotics.

submitted by /u/WriterDave [link] [comments]

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian donate $500,000 to California wildfire relief

Kanye West and his family are on a philanthropic streak. Just last week, the rapper made a sizable donation to the family of Jemel Roberson, the Chicago security guard who was wrongfully murdered by police. Today, Kim Kardashian-West appeared on Ellen to gift three large checks to organizations and individuals directly affected by the massive wildfires decimating homes and communities across California.

While the West home was not affected by the fire, due to the efforts of a private crew hired to protect their neighborhood, Kanye and Kim are assisting others in need. During her appearance on Ellen, Kardashian presented checks to the California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund and the California Fire Foundation, each in the amount of $200,000 (according to TMZ).

Additionally, Kardashian presented another check for $100,000 to Michael and Lisa Williams, a couple who lost their home in the fire but continued with relief efforts to assist their neighbors.

As Kim explained, the donations were a gift from Kanye, his company Yeezy, and adidas.

Check out the touching moment below.

The Wests are the latest in a line of musicians to show their support for the relief efforts, including Metallica, Lady Gaga, and Dave Grohl. Some, like Neil Young and Miley Cyrus, were not so lucky and lost their homes in the blaze.

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Metallica’s charity foundation donates $100,000 to California wildfire relief

Vivid Seats Ticket promo

The recent and current wildfires in California have been utterly devastating. Entire communities have been leveled and, tragically, the death toll keeps rising every day. Metallica call the Bay Area home, and Northern California has been hit particularly hard. Not only is the band helping out the cause through their charitable organization, they are urging fans to donate to two worthy foundations.

Metallica are doing their part through their All Within My Hands Foundation, which has offered monetary help to both Northern and Southern California by donating $50,000 each to the North Valley Community Foundation and the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation.

A Facebook post from the All Within My Hands Foundation reads, “Sadly once again communities in California are experiencing historically devastating wild fires in both the Northern and Southern parts of the state. All Within My Hands has made a $50,000 donation each to the North Valley Community Foundation and the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation; both agencies provide service to victims at evacuation centers and other much needed relief. We would like to encourage you to join us in supporting those in need and our first responders in any way you can by donating money, non-perishable food, clothing and other supplies or by giving your time volunteering or providing temporary housing. Every little bit helps.”

California is experiencing tragic wild fires. AWMH gave $50k to @NVCF & @LAFDFoundation. We encourage you to support those in need & first responders: donate money, non-perishable food, clothing, supplies or volunteer time/housing.

— All Within My Hands Foundation (@AWMHFoundation) November 16, 2018

Just two weeks ago, Metallica played a special acoustic show in San Francisco to raise funds for the All Within My Hands Foundation, whose general mission is to “create sustainable communities by supporting workforce education, the fight against hunger, and other local services.” Our photos, along with video from the show, can be seen here.

margin-top: 5px !important;


Metallica’s Top 5 Songs


Tool’s Top 5 Music Videos


Behemoth's Top 5 Songs


Alice in Chains' Top 5


Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy” Annotated Video

var jsdata = [{“id”:”metallicaevergreenfinal-1525221507145″,”name”:”Metallica\u2019s Top 5 Songs”,”artist”:”@Metallica, top songs, top music, rock music, heavy metal, rock \u2019n\u2019 roll”,”title”:”Metallica\u2019s Top 5 Songs”,”poster”:”https:\/\/\/metallicaevergreenfinal-1525221507145\/thumb_00002.png”,”thumbnail”:”https:\/\/\/metallicaevergreenfinal-1525221507145\/thumb_00002.png”,”src”:”https:\/\/\/metallicaevergreenfinal-1525221507145\/playlist.m3u8″,”type”:”application\/x-mpegURL”,”target”:”COSVideos”,”tagUrl”:”https:\/\/\/gampad\/ads?iu=\/134312942\/COS_Video_PreRoll&×480&cust_params=Section%3DCOSVideos%26COS-Pages%3D891411&ciu_szs=300×250&unviewed_position_start=1&correlator=%27103199578″},{“id”:”toolevergreen-1525220264865″,”name”:”Tool\u2019s Top 5 Music Videos”,”artist”:”@JTool, top songs, top music, rock music, heavy metal, rock \u2019n\u2019 roll”,”title”:”Tool\u2019s Top 5 Music Videos”,”poster”:”https:\/\/\/toolevergreen-1525220264865\/thumb_00002.png”,”thumbnail”:”https:\/\/\/toolevergreen-1525220264865\/thumb_00002.png”,”src”:”https:\/\/\/toolevergreen-1525220264865\/playlist.m3u8″,”type”:”application\/x-mpegURL”,”target”:”COSVideos”,”tagUrl”:”https:\/\/\/gampad\/ads?iu=\/134312942\/COS_Video_PreRoll&×480&cust_params=Section%3DCOSVideos%26COS-Pages%3D891411&ciu_szs=300×250&unviewed_position_start=1&correlator=%271961078815″},{“id”:”behemothtop5songs-1533702077530″,”name”:”Behemoth’s Top 5 Songs”,”artist”:”@Behemoth, Metal, Heavy, Hard Rock, Heavy Consequence, Top Songs”,”title”:”Behemoth’s Top 5 Songs”,”poster”:”https:\/\/\/behemothtop5songs-1533702077530\/thumb_00002.png”,”thumbnail”:”https:\/\/\/behemothtop5songs-1533702077530\/thumb_00002.png”,”src”:”https:\/\/\/behemothtop5songs-1533702077530\/playlist.m3u8″,”type”:”application\/x-mpegURL”,”target”:”COSVideos”,”tagUrl”:”https:\/\/\/gampad\/ads?iu=\/134312942\/COS_Video_PreRoll&×480&cust_params=Section%3DCOSVideos%26COS-Pages%3D891411&ciu_szs=300×250&unviewed_position_start=1&correlator=%272023821099″},{“id”:”aliceinchainstop5videos-1533702099890″,”name”:”Alice in Chains’ Top 5 Videos”,”artist”:”@Alice in Chains, Metal, Heavy, Hard Rock, Heavy Consequence, Top Videos”,”title”:”Alice in Chains’ Top 5 Videos”,”poster”:”https:\/\/\/aliceinchainstop5videos-1533702099890\/thumb_00002.png”,”thumbnail”:”https:\/\/\/aliceinchainstop5videos-1533702099890\/thumb_00002.png”,”src”:”https:\/\/\/aliceinchainstop5videos-1533702099890\/playlist.m3u8″,”type”:”application\/x-mpegURL”,”target”:”COSVideos”,”tagUrl”:”https:\/\/\/gampad\/ads?iu=\/134312942\/COS_Video_PreRoll&×480&cust_params=Section%3DCOSVideos%26COS-Pages%3D891411&ciu_szs=300×250&unviewed_position_start=1&correlator=%27905464677″},{“id”:”pearljam27s27jeremy27videoannotated-1512142357369″,”name”:”Pearl Jam\u2019s \u201cJeremy\u201d Annotated Video”,”artist”:”@Pearl Jam, best music, rock music, rock \u2019n\u2019 roll, top songs, top music, annotated video”,”title”:”Pearl Jam\u2019s \u201cJeremy\u201d Annotated Video”,”poster”:”https:\/\/\/pearljam27s27jeremy27videoannotated-1512142357369\/thumb_00003.png”,”thumbnail”:”https:\/\/\/pearljam27s27jeremy27videoannotated-1512142357369\/thumb_00003.png”,”src”:”https:\/\/\/pearljam27s27jeremy27videoannotated-1512142357369\/playlist.m3u8″,”type”:”application\/x-mpegURL”,”target”:”COSVideos”,”tagUrl”:”https:\/\/\/gampad\/ads?iu=\/134312942\/COS_Video_PreRoll&×480&cust_params=Section%3DCOSVideos%26COS-Pages%3D891411&ciu_szs=300×250&unviewed_position_start=1&correlator=%2755302721″}];
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