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Stay warm this winter with 20% off Starter fleece and loungewear

Sweatpants are pants. They count. I swear.

Amazon is offering 20% off a bunch of Starter clothing. You can save on jackets, sweatpants, hoodies, sweatshirts, and more. There are 58 items to choose from for the entire family. With the colder months approaching quickly, it never hurts to have some additional layers for extra warmth.

For example, the pictured Starter Men’s Polar Fleece Jacket is down to $19.99. That’s $5 off the normal price, and the full-zip fleece jacket has excellent reviews as well as zippered pockets and a secure chest pocket.

Lots of these items are eligible for Prime Wardrobe, which lets you try them out before you commit to purchasing. If you decide to keep your ordered products, you’ll be charged today’s deal price.

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8 of the Latest 2018 Web Design Trends, all covered by Be Theme

The latest web design trends are keeping web designers busy.

These trends have raised the competitive bars. They are demanding attention with their bold shapes and bright colors.

So, how do web designers stay relevant and keep up to date with these trends? Without a doubt, some of you are excited. Others are anxious as they think about ways to stay relevant in the game.

The good news is that there’s a WordPress theme that stays current with these creative trends. Web designers can now choose from over 380 pre-built websites.

Be Theme has incorporated 8 of these trends into their pre-built websites. Now, web designers can create beautiful websites without any hassle.

The examples below feature these 8 web design trends, so let’s take a look.

8 Creative Web Design Trends
Illustration and Graphic Art

Custom art is now creating waves in web design and has proven to be a winner. Will it vanish soon? Absolutely not – it will be around for quite a while. Web designers now have the opportunity to go all out with their creativity and be as daring as they want.

The use of custom watercolor illustrations is very popular. Check those two examples below.



These illustrations are nostalgic because they remind us of good old times. No wonder they are so popular.

To get the full impact from these designs, use bold fonts. This will help you to attract attention without detracting from the image. You can use bold typography and serifs in your headline – they are back in trend.

Light, Shadow, and Smoke

Playing with light, shadow, and smoke produces some dynamic and delicate result. This design trend is also very popular and web designers are not hesitant to use it to their advantage.

When smoke is added to a design it takes on a completely new stunning look.

And this observation is quite evident in the music industry. You will feel different emotions and different vibes when light, shadow, and smoke is added to the mix.

You can get a soft, and delicate look…


Or you can make a dynamic statement or a dynamic observation…


How about having that classy and sultry feeling?


Using Gradients

Last year bold electric colors could be seen everywhere – not any longer. Gradients, which are hotter than bold colors, have taken their place in 2018.

Gradients work well with other design trends too. When combined with artistic portraits or minimalist geometry the result is amazing.

For example:



The Powerful 3D “Moving Stills”

The 3D design trend is a “must have.” It’s hard to ignore. It’s eye-catching.

If you have seen the animated 3D design, you will understand why as a web designer you need to use it for your clients.

There are countless design possibilities when you use “Moving Stills.” No longer it is a trend, it’s a challenge! And the results are rewarding.

In these examples, you can create the illusion of a flowing motion…


or of an expansion…


Don’t hold back when using the 3D “Moving Stills.” Add and play around with lights and shadows or use negative spaces. You can also merge various textures and gradients into the design.

Still Life

This is a favorite trend among web designers. It is very useful and will most likely stay around for a very long time.

Of course, it can be tweaked or get a fine 2018 upgrade, especially if your client asked for a 3D effect. Moreover, as we all know, the most popular form of still life is when it is placed in perspective.

For example:


You can also command attention with the use of white space as illustrated in the two examples below:



The Glamorous Metallic Shine

Need a touch of glamour? This vogue looking trend is one of the most glamorous web design trends.

Designers are head over heels with this design. This due to the fact that it works well in any industry and for any business niche.

So, if you are looking for an artistic flavor…


Or for nuts and bolts…


This design goes well with 3D elements, typography images, and photographic images. Anywhere on the web that you need to get a touch of glamour, you can count on the Metallic Shine design trend.

Chaotic Typography

It’s time to put all the perfection behind and start to get chaotic with typography. Yes, chaotic typography is very appealing when put to use.

No longer do you have to stick out on aligning numbers and letters to make them perfect. Be playful and integrate your letters and numbers in your design in a chaotic and creative way.

Get inspiration from these examples:



Make sure though, your visitors are not confused. Don’t make them have to think too hard about the meaning of your message.

Nothing is wrong with being creative, but remember not everyone likes a challenge. So, bear that in mind when you are using Chaotic Typography design.

Brutalism is Back

This is a “comeback” trend – it was very popular in the 90’s and 30’s. Who could tell that after decades, brutalism would make such a creative comeback? We can never tell.

Brutalism is a no-nonsense design. It addresses your audience in a clear and straightforward way. But this might not be for everyone.

However, if you are feeling bold and want to create an impact you can make a statement in a no-nonsense fashion. But don’t overdo it.


Let’s Wrap-up

You have just looked at 8 examples of the latest 2018 web design trends. Hope that you got a few ideas for your next design project.

Isn’t it amazing that you no longer have to create your design from scratch?

Well, go ahead and:

Create waves with your custom art
Play with light, shadow, and smoke
Use gradients – they are hotter than just bold colors
Use the powerful 3D moving stills
Create a touch of glamour

Finally, use Be Theme’s pre-built websites. They are built around the latest web design trends. You will surely create something amazing.

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Pregnant Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Arrive in Dubbo and Meet an Adorably Cheeky Young Local

Prince Harry is already proving what a wonderful dad he’ll be, after winning over a cheeky little admirer during day two of the tour alongside Meghan Markle.

The royal couple, who announced Monday that they are expecting their first child, arrived at the Dubbo City Regional Airport in Australia for the second stop on their whirlwind 16-day tour of Australia, Fiji, Tonga, and New Zealand.

After walking hand-in-hand along the tarmac, Meghan and Harry met a bunch of local school children who were gathered along the path, including one little boy who was particularly enthralled with Harry.

Once the prince, 34, greeted him, the five-year-old boy — identified as Luke Vincent of Buninyong Public School  — leaped into his arms for a giant hug before playfully caressing his face and tugging at his beard.

As Harry laughed at the encounter, Meghan, 37, quickly came over to meet the animated young fan and was also greeted with a warm hug.

But the young lad could not get enough of Harry and rushed back over to the prince and gave him a hug, a kiss, and gently pet his head.

While interacting with the rest of the students and shaking each of their hands, Harry and Meghan often squatted down to speak with them.

On day two, Meghan went for a more casual look, wearing a white button-down Maison Kitsune blouse with a gray Serena Williams Collection blazer, denim jeans from Australian brand Outland, and black boots with her hair in a low ponytail.

Meanwhile, Harry opted for a blue button-down shirt with black pants for the occasion.

After disembarking the plane, they were greeted by the Mayor of Dubbo Region Councillor Ben Shields and a welcoming party.

As they made their way down the line of people, Meghan and Harry each greeted them with a sincere smile and handshake.

The duo then attended the naming dedication and unveiling of a new aircraft in the Royal Flying Doctor Service fleet as part of celebrations for 90 years of delivering healthcare to people living in remote regions of the country.

“It is a great privilege for us to have you here today,” a spokeswoman for the RFDS said in her opening remarks before the flies began to swarm her face mid-speech.

“The flies are very friendly here in Dubbo,” she joked. “We hope you both enjoy your visit to the base.”

After her speech, the couple was introduced to a bunch of the Base’s doctors, nurses, and volunteers, stopping at one point to speak to a little girl in the arms of presumably her father. After their interaction, Meghan gave the little girl two flowers.

They were then shown several of the service’s emergency health-related techniques, materials, and supplies while a crowd of people watched from the sides.

During the explanation, Harry and Meghan listened intently and asked questions before going over to greet the public.

The royal pair finished the ceremony by cutting a ribbon and cake together.

While in the country town of Dubbo, which is located about five hours outside of Sydney, Meghan and Harry will also meet with a local family of cattle and sheep farmers and attend a community picnic in Victoria Park.

Can’t get enough of PEOPLE’s Royals coverage? Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates on Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and more!

To kick off their tour on Tuesday, Meghan and Harry attended a welcome reception at Admiralty House where they were given their first official baby gifts by the Governor General Peter Cosgrove and his wife, Lady Lynne Cosgrove.

“That’s so cute, it’s our first baby gift!” Meghan said in PEOPLE’s Facebook Live video, as she received a fluffy stuffed kangaroo (complete with a baby joey!) and fleece Ugg booties.

They also visited the Taronga Zoo before taking a boat ride across Sydney Harbour to the Sydney Opera House, where they were entertained with a rehearsal of Spirit 2018 by the Bangarra Dance Theatre, an acclaimed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander modern dance company.

RELATED VIDEO: Watch an Adorably Nervous Prince Harry Talk About His and Meghan Markle’s “Upcoming Baby”

Finally, they attended an afternoon reception at Admiralty House, where Harry thanked Australia for the “incredibly warm welcome” they’d received and the “chance to meet Aussies from all walks of life.”

We also genuinely couldn’t think of a better place to announce the, er, upcoming baby,” Harry said, looking over to Meghan. Appearing slightly nervous, Harry added, “whether it’s a boy or a girl.”

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The Weeknd Teases New ‘Chapter VI’ Album

weeknd webGetty

The Weeknd has announced that he is currently working on his new album, Chapter VI.

The album will be his first studio album since Starboy, which was released in 2016 and became an instant success – featuring hit songs I Feel It Coming and Die for You.

Fans have been eagerly waiting another album ever since, and not one to keep them waiting, the Canadian singer announced he is working on his most recent at one of his shows recently.

According to Complex, the show he was performing at was part of the launch of his project Hxouse, a Toronto-based hub for local singers, photographers and fashion designers to use at their leisure. The project is joint with creative director of XO, La Mar Taylor.

Whilst there, The Weeknd – aka Abel Tesfaye – made the announcement that his new album would be coming soon.

He said:

I wanna let you guys know, being in Toronto these past two days, I haven’t been this inspired in years I gotta tell you. I want you guys to be the first to know that I’m working on my new album right now. Chapter six coming soon.


— XO (@XOnews_) November 7, 2018

The news was warmly received, with the crowd screaming and clapping in response before the singer took to the stage to perform.

And his teasing didn’t stop there. The singer posted a tweet to his social media yesterday (November 6), hinting at the length of his next album.

He wrote:

some chapters are smaller than others. not this next one though…

some chapters are smaller than others. not this next one though…

— The Weeknd (@theweeknd) November 7, 2018

Well, there you have it. He isn’t giving much away but keep your eyes (and ears) peeled and I’m sure he’ll be revealing something else soon.

If you have a story you want to tell, send it to [email protected]

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Glamourising Mental Illness Doesn’t Help Those Truly Suffering


glamourising mental illness WNHD

“Mental health is not a fashion statement. Illness is not a choice.”

These are the words of a teenage boy who is suffering and demands we stop glamourising mental illness.

It’s uncomfortable to think we might live in a world where the media we consume from the Powers That Be has commodified the movement for good mental health to such an extent that mental illness is the new must-have accessory.

But he’s got a good point, which needs addressing:

Society has long regarded taboos around mental illness as wrong. Safe spaces where sufferers feel comfortable enough to seek help on their road to some form of recovery are becoming more and more prevalent.

Since, some of the one in four Brits with a mental illness have opened up in therapy, at home, in the pub, and the social media spaces where many of us exist nowadays.

All of a sudden it seems so many of us are struggling, and the collective voice of the previously marginalised is louder than ever.

stop. glamourising. mental. illness.

— Rosie (@r0sierichardson) July 27, 2015

This includes the 10 percent of young people who have grown up being able to put a name to their diagnosable mental health conditions – anxiety, depression, self-harm, eating disorder, suicide ideation.

For the most part, they are no longer to be dismissed as ‘first world problems’ or ‘adolescent angst’.

Although three quarters of those young people are being ‘failed‘ by a government who have yet to guarantee appropriate interventions at a sufficiently early age, society at large is looking a little brighter and a little more welcoming to those with mental illness.

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May (R) and Britain's Health Secretary Jeremy HuntGetty

We know diagnoses don’t define people, but one young woman thinks the discussions surrounding mental health have been muddied by an innate human desire to seem different, fuelled by narratives which conflate illness with an appealing label.

An alarming 34 per cent of UK teens admitted lying about having a mental illness in the past because it’s fashionable to be sick, according to online therapy service, Mentaline.

Almost half of those who think mental illness is ‘on-trend’ claimed it made people ‘unique’ while 24 per cent said it was ‘cool’ to have an eating disorder, to self-harm, or to have depression.

Man in brxton capPexels

Kids are learning these falsehoods from somewhere. But where?

Well, we love labels, don’t we? Through years of social conditioning many of us subconsciously try to fit into little boxes marked out to make us recognisable and relatable to others.

Our career, relationship status, body type, skin colour, religion, even our political persuasion are all part of the public packaging we present to the world – more so than ever before now we have social media.

stop glamourising mental illness and calling it aesthetic

— ellie (@shmellie) January 8, 2016

In this proudly progressive time of acceptance and a desire to stand out from the crowds, people look for new labels beyond what it says on their passports to include in their Twitter bios.

Monopolising on this chink in the human condition, we’ve witnessed the rise of wannabe woke brands, ads, TV shows, and individuals who have sought to benefit from the important public discourse surrounding mental illness and, vicariously, the very real suffering of vulnerable young people.

Mental illness is raw. It is cruel. It is ugly. Stop glamourising it.

— libby (@libbyxford) July 3, 2017

The threat is worse than ever. The so-called iGeneration (or Gen-Z) are growing up in a world millennials wouldn’t have recognised as teens.

With the social media bubble heightening trends, movements and cliques and helping these social behaviours flourish beyond gates of schools and colleges nationwide, kids are exposed to more information – some good, some bad; some responsibly portraying mental illness as serious and potentially life-threatening, some not.

Nowadays, it goes beyond the user-created ‘thinspo’ Tumblr pages set up by unhappy children which started to emerge over a decade ago to trivialise and glamourise self-harm and suicide.

Pages like this really wind me up. creating the impression that it's 'edgy' or 'alternative' to have depression/anxiety, posts like this are incredibly harmful to teens on the internet. Mental illness can't be defined in a 'depressing' quote- people need to stop glamourising it.

— Elizabeth Kinrade (@elizkinrade17) October 4, 2018

Nicky Fearon, the Head of Student Mental Health and Wellbeing at Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust, told UNILAD that while ‘extreme communities’ are now normalised by the Internet language of memes and GIFs, potentially impressionable young adults now could also encounter harmful online advice and information from places they perceive as an authority.

In other words, the threat is also coming from big business and powerful people in boardrooms who contribute to the conversation for capitalist gain, and are being criticised by an army of young people for glamourising mental illness.

It’s no wonder one young person told UNILAD ‘people fear being left out’ and with one in four young people living with a diagnosed mental illness in the UK today, it’s clear more people than ever are battling their own demons.

Just keep glamourising mental illness, hehe. I can trade my OCD, anxiety and depression if you would like as its seen as ’trendy’ xx

— lauren (@laurencalt) March 14, 2017

Her friend agreed young people are ‘scared to not be involved’ in the mainstream movement for good mental health.

UNILAD asked Dr Arun Chidambaram of Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust if he had medical evidence suggesting mental illness was becoming a fashion statement.

Dubbing the debate part of an ’emerging field’ of thought, he said:

We have to accept what [the young people] are claiming, as it is their world and they know their world better than us. Some of what they say might be perception, but it might be their reality.

Close up of redhead womanPexels

Another young person said she doesn’t believe people ‘mean for mental illness to become a fashion statement’.

It’s a highly empathetic statement echoed by Dr Chidambaram, who confirmed social difficulties can sometimes contribute to young people adopting a different persona – particularly of real and fictional celebrities – when they lack their own identity.

But it’s a difficult debate to have, for fear of undermining the importance of opening up about mental health and representing those with mental illness across all walks of life.

man sitting on stepsPexels

Fearon chimed in to criticise companies who commodify mental illness:

It is unclear whether commodification affects some groups of people more than others, how this type of marketing interacts with existing vulnerabilities people are experiencing and how they develop over time.

Likewise, there are clearly opportunities to use social media to support wellbeing, reduce risk and offer help to those who need it. Our understanding of this is in its infancy.

Indeed, there are many who still feel they can’t talk openly, particularly those who suffer more marginalised illnesses like antisocial personality disorder, schizophrenia and suicide ideation.

There is more to be done. First, we must unpick decades of stereotyping invisible illness.

All kinds of art which shape how we see the world have romanticised mental illness for years, and used it as a lazy means of categorising mankind’s many different facets of expression.

Likewise, science has been partly responsible.

Studies have been conducted into the correlation between mental illness and creativity – and since the dawn of modern thought we’ve fetishised the work of authors, artists and auteurs who suffer.

can art hoes pls stop glamourising van gogh’s mental illness and suicide thanks

🥀𝓇𝑜𝓈𝑒🥀 (@weightless_doll) October 5, 2018

Scientifically, it’s a worthy pursuit to understand invisible illness better. Socially, it could send the message that mental illness is aspirational.

It’s not. At best mental illness is an obstacle to overcome in life; at worst, mental illness can end it. Those in positions of power should be careful to make this tragic truth clear, always.

How many times have you seen an exhibition advertised as ‘[insert name here] and his/her madness’; from Van Gogh to Yayoi Kusama, their mental illness and genius are often presented as one and the same thing?

The same can and has happen with musicians.

Member of the 27 club, Amy winehouse, in yellow dressGetty

Just take a look at the myth of The 27 Club and how the likes of Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse were hailed for their creativity rather than helped with their mental health, all the while being vilified, sensationalised and profited from in the press.

It’s exhausting and complex and the conflation is everywhere.

Just turn on Netflix.


— kizz (@kizz0220) July 20, 2018

Annie Hall – arguably the first manic pixie dream girl – was a romanticised neurotic beloved for her ‘quirkiness’, likely caused by generalised anxiety disorder, but whose style of dressing is plastered across Autumn/Winter fashion magazines annually.

Her character traits have also been replicated in other beloved films like Amelie and Garden State, the narratives of which both offer feeble solutions to depression and other neuroses.

Diane Keaton in Annie hallUnited Artists

Girl, Interrupted – a film which was progressive at the time – portrayed female mental illness as something which fit into neatly packaged pretty Hollywood leading lady, bedraggled but always, always classically beautiful.

Benny and Joon implied Joon’s schizophrenia could be solved by meeting someone equally as unwell. Then we had bi-polar disorder which was cured by the tango in Silver Linings Playbook.

And don’t even start on the conflation of dissociative identity disorder and monstrosity in Split or poop gags in Me, Myself and Irene.

13 Reasons WhyNetflix

More recently, the debate centred around the small screen, when 13 Reasons Why was accused of glamourising teen suicide.

As the protagonist, Hannah, took her own life in a ‘very graphic scene of suicide’, she was immaculately made up with a full face of make up and perfectly preened hair.

While some argued the emotional context of the scene was accurate and well-informed, the presentation was selling kids another inaccurate line about the beautiful and the damned.

Moreover, Jenni Regan, the Media Engagement manager at mental health charity, Mind, told UNILAD the portrayal was ‘incredibly damaging’ and could have easily ‘lead to copycat behaviour, particularly in vulnerable people, including young people’.

In pop culture, these conditions are portrayed as less of a serious illness, and more of an interesting personality quirk, albeit for the purposes of entertainment. It works.

But when these lovable characters have mental disorders which play directly into their narratives, audiences can misinterpret the condition and fetishise it in a way which doesn’t reflect the realities of living with it.

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand what people mean when they talk about mental health problems. As we prepare for #WorldMentalHealthDay on Wednesday, our new video can help make things a little clearer. #WMHD18

— Mind (@MindCharity) October 8, 2018

‘Sometimes TV shows make characters with mental illness look more interesting’, one young woman agreed, adding it can give some young people the impression a mental disorder is desirable.

Regan described damaging portrayals as relying on ‘outdated and untrue stereotypes such as people with mental health problems being dangerous’, even though people who are unwell are much more likely to be victims of crime than perpetrators.

Brad Pitt in Fight Club20th Century Fox

She added:

Conditions such as schizophrenia are often shown this way, for example, crime dramas in which the killer is known to have this illness and it  is given as the ‘reason’ for the crime.

When done well, however, a Time To Change report published in 2014 found storylines can have a beneficial impact on wider public debate surrounding mental illness.

In fact, 54 per cent of people say their understanding of mental health problems improved by watching a character experience it on television.

Sometimes we say we’re fine, when we’re not.

But, with 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health problem each year, if a mate says they're fine, they might not be.

To really find out, #AskTwice.

— Time to Change (@TimetoChange) October 1, 2018

A further 48 per cent of people said it helped to change their opinion about the kind of people who can develop these problems. And 31 per cent said it actively inspired them to start a conversation about the storyline with friends, family or colleagues.

Four years on, and the Powers That Be took notice. There are (excellent and warranted) awards for those who portray mental illness effectively on their platforms in the public eye as well as valiant, well-meaning efforts elsewhere.

Mind also run a media advisory service to ‘encourage writers to give reasonable time for characters to become unwell and then get better, avoid over-reliance on medication or sectioning, and to show mental health as being only one part of their lives’.

Sometimes, however, portrayals have become gratuitous, packaged more like a Victorian freak show than a fact of a quarter of lives in the UK.

There’s a fine line between normalisation – the admirable mission to make people with mental illness feel less stigmatised and alone – and glamorisation or commodification.

One young person, who has bi-polar, put it well when she said:

I think the media and companies should educate themselves about mental illness before they try to profit from other people’s suffering.

Furthermore, individuals who prop up pop culture are also becoming increasingly public with their private lives.

Dr Chidambaram was quick to assert how ‘creative expression can help break internal and social barriers’ and avoid minimising the distress of public figures, who all have a right to speak out about mental illness for good.

Carrie Fisher on the red carpetGetty

Some would argue celebrities’ honesty about mental health makes kids feel less alone and opens up a debate. A fair point, albeit a bit reductive.

Let’s be honest; there is no real, tangible relationship between public figures and those who follow them online and the conversations about mental illness sparked by famous people are often one-sided.

Dr Chidambaram agreed:

For the average kid, public figures are distant and unreal. But for the vulnerable young ones who are unable to differentiate fantasy and reality, public figures are sometimes as important as family members and sometimes even more than friends and family.

Usually the troubles manifest in adolescence when their world around them is turned upside-down. They might try to simulate particular aspects of the celebrity; like hair style or clothing.

While young kids might feel less alone in hearing their favourite pop star of YouTuber or film star suffers with a mental illness, that knowledge can’t necessarily help cure them of their own.

Did you know, there are lots of help and advice resources available on our website.

Whether you are a young person experiencing thoughts of suicide or you are concerned about a young person, you can find some useful resources and information here:

— PAPYRUS (@PAPYRUS_tweets) October 8, 2018

Indeed, Dr Chidambaram, not wanting to minimise the distress of public figures, adds:

When the rich and famous describe their battle, they do not have financial barriers or other social barriers less privileged young people have to overcome.

They might access a private therapist through a single phone call. Average Joe has to wait in a GP surgery or A&E or get through a referral line and take public transport to go to the treatment centre and pick up their own prescriptions while working through their social anxiety.

Moreover, the mental disorders associated with celebrities are often unique to their highly pressurised lifestyles – anxiety, addiction and low self-esteem.

The conversations tend to focus on the ‘acceptable’ mental illnesses and avoid illnesses stigmatised even by mental health professionals such as schizophrenia and personality disorders, Dr Chidambaram says.

He adds it’s ‘healthier to relate to experiences of similar tribes rather than the rich and famous’.

The kardashians PA

When celebrity culture is driven by our desire to emulate, could the imitative instinct extend to the misinterpretation of mental illness or even replication of the symptoms?

As Dr Chidambaram said, it’s an emerging question asked in reaction to the obvious commodification of the movement for good mental health. There aren’t any concrete answers yet.

We simply must listen to those with lived experience of mental illness. Often, sufferers say their mental illnesses make them more compassionate, grateful, empathetic, self-aware and strong in the face of adversity.

But the fact remains: Very few people with a mental illness want to feel unwell. One young man echoed this sentiment, asking why would anyone want something which ‘ruins people’s lives’?

World Mental Health Day Action campaign UNILAD

Presented by the World Federation of Mental Health, World Mental Health Day is celebrated annually in October. The goal is to help raise mental health awareness.

Talking is often the first step to moving forward. While talking about mental health is vital, UNILAD are calling for action.

We are petitioning the government to improve mental health services offered on the NHS for young people, who sometimes have to wait ten years from the moment they experience their first symptoms to get adequate treatment.

We have written to Jeremy Hunt MP to tell him about our petition, in partnership with WHOLE, which you can help by signing. To find out more about our campaign you can read our manifesto.

If you’re experiencing distressing thoughts and feelings, the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is there to support you. They’re open from 5pm–midnight, 365 days a year.

Their national number is 0800 58 58 58, and they also have a webchat service if you’re not comfortable talking on the phone.

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From Your Baby Cousin To Your S.O. — Every Birthday Gift You’ll Ever Need To Buy

Every so often, we find ourselves in the middle of a month where it’s suddenly everyone’s birthday. This weekend, there’s a family get-together to celebrate your baby cousin’s first year ’round the sun (even though they won’t remember the party ever happened). Next week, your sister’s turning 21 and insistent on making it a huge deal. And at the end of the month, your former college roommate is turning the big 3-0. Try as you may, you’re not getting out of any of these.

While it’s tempting to give everyone — mom, grandpa, even your S.O. — the same item (i.e. a practical and easy Amazon gift card), going the route of gifting something more in-line with their specific interests will be worth so many more brownie points. From your toddler nephew to your like-a-sister best friend, we’re sharing 27 great present ideas in the name of keeping things creative. Just remember, karma comes back around. A good gift could be to your benefit when the gifting tables are turned.

At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.

Babies & ToddlersTransparently, infants really just need something that makes noise and that can safely be put in their mouth. But gifting for the sake of their parents helps, too. Opt for cute baby sneakers, toys that are too big to swallow, or a get-up with a pattern so busy no stains can ruin it.

Vans Infant Checker Slip-On V Crib, $25, available at VansPhoto Courtesy of Vans.

Babies & Toddlers

Jellycat Bashful Raccoon, $22.5, available at Bloomingdale’sPhoto Courtesy of Bloomingdales.

Babies & Toddlers

Zara Colorful Overalls, $29.9, available at ZaraPhoto Courtesy of Zara.

KidsWith kids on the other hand, you can have a little more fun with your gifting selection. Teach them a little something (with illustrations, of course), give them their first glimpse of fashion, or introduce them to a game they’ll likely play for the rest of their lives.

Quarto Books Rosa Parks: Little People, Big Dreams, $15, available at Barneys New YorkPhoto Courtesy of Barneys.


Apparis Goldie Children’s Mauve Faux Fur Coat, $195, available at ApparisPhoto Courtesy of Apparis.


Westminster Toys Cosmic Arcade Foosball Game, $44.99, available at NordstromPhoto Courtesy of Nordstrom.

TweensOh, tween-hood. For most of us, being a tween meant collecting Dr. Pepper-flavored lip balm and listening to Britney Spears or N*SYNC on our Walkmen. Nowadays, tweens are a bit more grown up. So try for mature picks with a young touch — an affordable designer handbag with a helping hand from Disney’s or a handheld video game console will do the trick.

Disney x Coach Boxed Minnie Mouse Coin Case, $99, available at CoachPhoto Courtesy of Coach.


Nintendo Nintendo Switch™, $299.99, available at TargetPhoto Courtesy of Target.


FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA Avalanche All-Over Metallic Powder Set, $99, available at SephoraPhoto Courtesy of Sephora.

TeensTodays teens are just grown ups with enough time to do the things we only wish we could. Day jobs don’t allow for trips to the skate park or you leave us too tired in the morning to straighten your hair. Show the teens in your life to appreciate all that free time while they can with special birthday gifts this year.

Amika Mighty Mini Styler, $40, available at RevolvePhoto Courtesy of Revolve.


Toy Machine Fists Complete Skateboard 7.75 x 31.75, $89.99, available at Urban OutfittersPhoto Courtesy of Urban Outfitters.


Pixie Market White Beaded Bag, $119, available at Pixie MarketPhoto Courtesy of Pixie Market.

College StudentsGifting a college student is all about opting for utility. Think healthy supplements to get them through those late nights at the library or a bike to save some cash (and the environment). Basically, buy all the things we didn’t have in college that would have made a big difference.

Moon Juice Brain Dust, $38, available at Net-A-PorterPhoto Courtesy of Net-a-Porter.

College Students

Critical Cycles Harper Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Bike, $199.99, available at Westridge OutdoorsPhoto Courtesy of Retrospec.

College Students

Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack, $175, available at BandierPhoto Courtesy of Bandier.

FriendsBuying gifts for your friends is a much more personal endeavor. If you’re stuck on what to gift your BFF this year, remember, all anyone wants for fall is some good ‘ol hygge. Try a pair of pajamas that double as one hell of a going-out ‘fit or an oversized scarf to keep them bundled up through the chilly months.

Sleeper Black Pajama Set, $265, available at SleeperPhoto Courtesy of Sleeper.


Maison Louis Marie No.03 L’Étang Noir, $34, available at Need SupplyPhoto Courtesy of Need Supply.


& Other Stories Oversized Wool Scarf, $69, available at & Other StoriesPhoto Courtesy of & Other Stories.

Significant OthersNow’s the time to splurge and also the time really think about all those hints you’ve been getting over the last few weeks. Maybe your beau broke his or her Air Pods or lost their favorite shades during their last party weekend in Vegas. Here’s your easy chance to make everything well in the world again.

aHead Wireless Headphones, $145, available at AnthropologiePhoto Courtesy of Anthropologie.

Significant Others

Céline 46mm Square Sunglasses, $470, available at NordstromPhoto Courtesy of Nordstrom.

Significant Others

Acne Studios Csarite Wallet, $340, available at Forward By Elyse WalkerPhoto Courtesy of Forward by Elyse Walker.

ParentsYour parents deserve the world. Take their birthdays as a chance to show them that. But remember, they’re true adults, so they can likely buy themselves a lot of what they need on their own. Get them something they might not splurge on for themselves, but would make them happier to have.

Grosche Madrid French Press, $30, available at Saks Fifth AvenuePhoto Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue.


White + Warren Luxe Cashmere Robe, $478, available at ShopbopPhoto Courtesy of Shopbop.


Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntable, $299, available at AmazonPhoto Courtesy of Amazon.

GrandparentsIn all likelihood, your grandparents will adore anything you gift them. But don’t let that stop you from getting them something they’ll really love. Whether they’re big knitters or love photography from their heyday, find out what makes yours happy and run with that.

Vitruvi Stone Essential Oil Diffuser, $119, available at Free PeoplePhoto Courtesy of Free People.


We Are Knitters Chamonix Sweater Knitting Kit, $99, available at We Are KnittersPhoto Courtesy of We Are Knitters.


Assouline Dior: Memoire Book, $75, available at FarfetchPhoto Courtesy of Farfetch.

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Fast-Fashion Stores You Didn’t Know You Can Buy Your Halloween Costume From

For some people it’s a no-brainer to dress up as the most popular characters from summer’s top blockbusters or their favorite icons ripped from the tabloid headlines. But for others who’ve graduated on to more sophisticated Halloween costume pastures where cleverness trumps popularity and more importantly, palsy budgets trump those $100+ costume sets, you might what to look towards your favorite fast-fashion shops. If the likes of Topshop and ASOS aren’t on your list yet, you might be missing out.

While they’re not bereft of their own cheesy Halloween items like skeleton bodysuits and fake vampire teeth, some of our favorite fast-fashion shops have pretty stylish Halloween edits. And unlike whatever elaborate monstrosities you’ve put together in the past, you can actually wear these Halloween buys again and again.

This year, celebrate Halloween in style and shop fast-fashion stores ahead for some fashion friendly haunts.

At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.

Store: H&M

What To Expect: If you didn’t know H&M made its own costumes, here’s your heads-up. On top of ready-to-go looks, the Pretty Spooky store also carries costume enhancing headbands and themed tees.

H&M Costume, $39.99, available at H&MPhoto courtesy of H&M.

Store: Urban Outfitters

What To Expect: Urban Outfitter’s Halloween shop is always a winner. Between its consistent churn out of epic character onesies to cute cat ear headbands (this Bob Ross costume set takes the cake, though), there’s sure to be a creative costume you can spin out of its shop every time.

Urban Outfitters Fuzzy Cat Ears Headband, $12, available at Urban OutfittersUrban Outfitters Leopard Print Faux Fur Jacket, $129, available at Urban OutfittersPhoto courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

Store: ASOS

What To Expect: If being a little extra on Halloween is a competitive past time for you, welcome to ASOS’ Halloween edit. Tights with glow in the dark cats, rainbow-colored wigs, face jewels; ASOS’ offerings are not for the low-key holiday attendee.

ASOS Halloween Blood Drip Cut Out Midi Dress, $40, available at ASOSPhoto courtesy of ASOS.

Store: Topshop

What To Expect: If subtlety is more your Halloween speed, then drop by Topshop. Topshop’s Halloween shop touts costume finishing touches like animal print boots, cute adorned headbands, and even an editorial on how to do Halloween “the fashion way.”

Store: Forever 21

What To Expect: Forever 21 has been a last-minute Halloween staple since the dawn of time. We can always rely on them for easy costume grabs like a NASA jumpsuit or cheap cowboy boots.

Forever 21 City of Angels Camo Jumpsuit, $39.9, available at Forever 21

Store: Zara

What To Expect: For an added fashion flair, stop by Zara. It’s custom Halloween shop features a plethora of black dresses, glittery tops, and accessories that will add just the right zhuzh -ed up touch to any costume.

Zara Combined Pleated Dress, $69.9, available at Zara

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