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Bear’s Mission with Gareth Southgate is on ITV at 9pm.

Bear Grylls teaches the England football manager survival skills during a trip across the wilds of Dartmoor.

The Christmas Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan is on BBC Two at 9pm.

Festive special in which the comedian travels to the Canadian Arctic, journeying across frozen wastelands to spend a week living alongside Inuit hunters.

The Long Song is on BBC One at 9pm.

Last episode of the drama set in 19th-century Jamaica. Robert takes violent revenge on the workers for refusing his orders.

The Secret Life of the Zoo at Christmas is on Channel Four at 8pm.

The festive season at Chester Zoo sees the birth of a bear cub, and a ceasefire in the battle between the otters and the babirusas.

A League of Their Own Christmas Party is on Sky One at 9pm.

The boys host a charity cricket match, featuring Jimmy Anderson, Steve Harmison and David Seaman.

Mark Kermode’s Christmas Cinema Secrets is on BBC Four at 9pm.

The movie critic reveals the essential ingredients of a popular festive movie.

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Creative Team Events in the USA

Mark Hunter

We last posted a blog on team building in the USA in 2013. Since then, we have seen a significant rise in enquiries, resulting in regular trips across the Atlantic to deliver our unique interactive events. There is always something extra exciting about working in the States and we relish the opportunity for making new connections and bringing our ideas to life.


I was lucky enough on my very first visit to the USA to see it from a stunning vantage point. As a young drummer working on the famous ocean liner the QE2, as luck would have it I was bound for New York on my very first voyage. Looking out from the bow of the ship, I eagerly awaited any sight of land. The first thing I saw, as the mist rose, was the Statue of Liberty greeting me after five days at sea across the wild Atlantic.

Who would have thought that many years later, I’d have the opportunity to work across the country from Newark to the Beverly Hills Hotel in LA!

These days, we might not arrive in such romantic fashion but certainly still bring excitement and wonder within the work we do.

The main reasons we attract interest from the USA are the uniqueness of our team building activities and how they are produced, and the ease in which the events are organised. Word soon gets around that the facilitators and artists we use consistently wow audiences wherever they go. They always leave fantastic event memories and ‘lock in’ whatever conference messages are required. Event organisers have enough on their plates sorting out presentation content, venue issues, transport and food. By providing no-fuss team activities that seamlessly fit into an agenda, we seem like a blessing!

So what have we been doing in the United States in the last few months?

I spent Paddy’s Day in Chicago, unleashing hundreds of pairs of rubber gloves on an unsuspecting conference. America might be the birthplace of Rhythm and Blues, but only we import back to them rhythm and rubber with our Clap Happy event!

From the urban streets of grimy south London, we sent over to sunny California our very own World Champion Beat Boxer. It may have been his unassuming surprise presence in the conference room, or the unbelievable sounds and beats of his opening performance, but I think it was his British accent that won the audience over to create one huge human beat box orchestra.

Human beatbox

We also had a One Voice event just outside New York and lots of separate drumming events all over the East Coast. I know we will be back across the pond very shortly as we have many pending enquiries. Until then, may we wish our transatlantic clients and colleagues all the best and hope to see them very soon.

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Duncan Selbie's Friday message – 20 July 2018

Dear everyone

People in prison experience a much higher burden of chronic physical and mental health problems than the general population. This is for a variety of reasons but one of these is because of high smoking rates.  The final two prisons in England have now implemented their smoke free policies, supported by PHE and NHS England, bringing the total number to 102, making the largest smoke-free prison estate in Western Europe. This is a fabulous public health achievement by the prison service and we published a blog this week on successfully delivering smokefree prisons and wider work on prison health.

Today we published an evaluation of a healthier vending machines trial carried out across Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. Much of our consumption behaviour is influenced by our environment. This includes hospitals, which have a key role in the food and drink options provided to staff, visitors and of course patients. The study shows that by increasing the availability of healthier products and placing them in more prominent positions, it is possible to encourage people to choose healthier options while remaining commercially viable. This approach has since been rolled out across 105 hospitals, and is an excellent example of behavioural science in action. This is part of our wider work on tackling obesity and helping people make healthier choices, particularly by consuming less sugar. You can read more in our blog.

PHE works in partnership with NHS England, the Department of Health and Social Care and Cancer Research UK on our Be Clear on Cancer programme, raising public awareness of the signs and symptoms of different cancers and encouraging people with symptoms to go to their GP without delay. This is a very effective campaign, based on world-class data, evidence and rigorous consumer research about what works. Yesterday we launched our latest phase focused on bladder and kidney cancers. For both of these cancers a key symptom is blood in pee but only 16% of those most at risk check the colour of their urine every time they go to the toilet. The simple message is to check your pee and even if you see blood just once, visit your doctor. The campaign will run until late September, and you can learn more here.

Since its creation in 2014, the Well North programme has been backing community entrepreneurs, breaking down traditional boundaries, tackling social isolation and boosting education opportunities in communities across the North of England. Their 2018 progress report describes the brilliant network that this programme has created, allowing challenging conversations between the NHS, local authorities and the business, charity and voluntary sectors to produce innovative and flexible ideas to ultimately better the lives of local people. At the heart of all this is a powerful effort to reduce health inequalities and the report is well worth a read.

And finally, until measles is eliminated from all countries, cross-border transmission of cases can occur so we need to work closely with each other and share expertise and data. This week we have published a joint press release with the Italian National Health Institute reminding people that vaccination is the best possible means of protection against this sometimes deadly illness. You can read this here.

Best wishes,


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