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Get 50 games for £50 / $50 and benefit GamesAid

Good news if you’ve got some cash burning a hole in your pocket, prefer to play your games on PC, and happen to like giving to charity – this week, Green Man Gaming is offering up a giant bundle of games with the proceeds going to GamesAid. The charity, in case you don’t already know, is a UK-based charity aiming to help disabled and disadvantaged children and young people.

If you’ve got £50 / $50 / €50 to spare, you’ll get 50 games on PC and we’re not even talking an entire list of obscure indie titles. You’ll find games from Bethesda, Konami, Codemasters, Curve, WB Games, Rebellion, Team 17 and more, all up for grabs.

Some choice highlights from the list include both Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes, the Dungeon-Keeper-meets-Bond classic that is Evil Genius, indie murder cleanup sim Serial Cleaner, The Little Acre – a point-and-click adventure from the creator of Broken Sword, maudlin but poignant survival game This War of Mine, the original Rage, one of David Cage’s more questionable creations Fahrenheit and more.

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Good guy Vic Mensa to give away 10,000 free shoes at site of controversial police sting

Earlier this month, police paraded a “bait truck” full of free Nike sneakers around Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood in hopes of luring out would-be thieves. The controversial sting operation has since drawn backlash from the ACLU and community leaders who say the resources could’ve been put to better use — especially in an area plagued by gun violence.

“Police in Chicago must focus on building trust and better relationships within the communities they serve, not engage in stunts like bait trucks,” Karen Sheley, director of the ACLU of Illinois’ police practices project, told the press. “The Chicago Police Department admits that it can’t solve murders and violent crimes because communities of color don’t trust the Chicago police. These stunts won’t help.”

Now, local rapper and activist Vic Mensa is taking matters into his own hands. At the same site where the original sting happened, Mensa will host an “anti-bait truck” to give away thousands of free shoes to those in need, as the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

“Chicago Police escorted a ‘bait-truck’ full of shoes through the South Side of Chicago to lure poor people with FREE NIKES. So we’re filling a truck with shoes to give away to those who need it,” Mensa wrote on Twitter.

“We wanted to do something in response, but have a positive response,” added Laundi Keepseagle, the executive director of Mensa’s SaveMoneySaveLife foundation, which is putting together the huge back-to-school charity event.

Anyone can donate a pair of shoes via this Amazon Wishlist. Over 3,000 have already been collected, but the foundation is hoping to amass 10,000 pairs by the time of the giveaway.

Last week Chicago Police escorted a “bait-truck” full of shoes through the South Side of Chicago to lure poor people with FREE NIKES. So we’re filling a truck with shoes to give away to those who need it. Buy a pair and donate here:

— vino valentino (@VicMensa) August 17, 2018

Last week the Chicago Police set up a bait trap by putting a truck full of tennis shoes in the hood then arresting any kids who took a pair.

So – let's buy THOUSANDS of shoes for every kid in Chicago who needs a pair.


— Shaun King (@shaunking) August 16, 2018

Over the years, Mensa has used his platform as a musician to shine a light on controversial police practices in his hometown of Chicago. In 2015, he joined a protest against the white police officers involved in the racially-charged shooting of unarmed black teen Laquan McDonald. Mensa continued to take a hard stance against police brutality in his powerful music video for “16 Shots”, released the following year.

In July, Mensa returned with a new single called “Metaphysical”. His last album, The Autobiography, was one of the best of 2017.

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Old Navy’s ONward! Teams Up with Kristen Bell for First Day of School

Chance to win shopping spree and singalong with Kristen Bell raises funds for Boys & Girls Clubs

To support its cause platform ONward!, Old Navy is teaming up with Kristen Bell for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rock your first day of school. A lucky winner and guest will be flown to Los Angeles for a US$1,000/£759 back-to-school shopping spree and a special singalong session with the musically talented actress.

The sweepstakes raises funds for the brand‘s charitable partner Boys & Girls Clubs, and fans can enter through the online fundraising platform Omaze.

To launch the sweepstakes, Bell will perform a back-to-school anthem penned from interviews with Boys & Girls Club kids. Bell will also share some of her personal past back-to-school looks in preparation for styling out the lucky winner in their first day of school outfit.

“Heading back to school each year is an unforgettable moment in every child’s life. I am excited to help the winner of this campaign look and feel their best, so they can start the school year with a sense of confidence and empowerment. It is an honour to partner with Old Navy’s ONward! programme to raise money for Boys & Girls Clubs and help turn learners into leaders,” said Kristen Bell.

ONward! is how the brand pays it forward in local communities. Through the cause platform, the brand partners with nonprofits to empower the next generation with real-world skills, training, and job opportunities to make a difference in communities and blaze a path forward to a brighter future. For over a decade, it has partnered with Boys & Girls Clubs to help turn learners into leaders and provide first jobs through the This Way Ahead internship programme.

This back-to-school season the brand is also launching an ONward! capsule collection of clothing to celebrate the brand’s cause work. The collection includes tees and hoodies for boys and girls, as well as totes and water bottles with the inspiring message “Our Generation Will Change the World.” The brand will donate US$50,000/£37,939 to Boys & Girls Clubs in honour of the special collection, available for sale in all US and Canada stores and online on the brand website.

In addition to the online sweepstakes fundraiser, the brand is also sponsoring an in-store fundraising campaign with the goal of raising US$1 million/£760,000 to benefit Boys & Girls Clubs.

From 26 July to 8 August, Old Navy will match in-store customer donations up to US$300,000/£227,634. Customers can donate at the register at all US and Canada stores.

The article Old Navy’s ONward! Teams Up with Kristen Bell for First Day of School appeared first on World Branding Forum.

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New York just escalated its legal battle with Trump

Andrew CuomoDrew Angerer/Getty Images

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, escalated the state’s legal battle with President Donald Trump and his charity, the Trump Foundation.
Cuomo opened the door to a possible criminal case against the foundation.
Acting New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood filed a civil suit against Trump, his three eldest children, and the charity in June.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, escalated the state’s legal battle with President Donald Trump and his charity, the Trump Foundation, opening the door to a potential criminal case against the nonprofit.

“At Gov. Cuomo’s direction, the state stands ready to provide the [New York] Attorney General with the appropriate criminal referral on this matter if and when she asks for it,” Alphonso David, the governor’s counsel, said in a statement Wednesday.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

NOW WATCH: North Korean defector: Kim Jong Un ‘is a terrorist’

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Jamila Woods teams up with Louder Than a Bomb founder Kevin Coval for new 7-inch single

Jamila Woods has joined forces with Louder Than a Bomb founder Kevin Coval for a limited edition 7-inch that will be released via Reverb LP and charity-focused label Vinyl For A Cause. All proceeds from the 7-inch will benefit Young Chicago Authors, an inclusive organization specializing arts education programs, at which both Woods and Coval serve as artistic directors.

Called VFAC 004, the release finds the CoSigned R&B artist and the philanthropic poet taking inspiration from each other’s work. On Side A is Woods’ “Muddy”, a new cut from the singer that she based on Coval’s poem, “Muddy Waters Goes Electric”. On the other side is “Snow Day”, which Coval reinterpreted from Woods’ “LSD”, a track from last year’s HEAVN that features Chance the Rapper. Joining Coval on the track is Chicago singer and poet Tasha.

The 7-inch is now available over at Reverb LP.

Jamila Woods and Kevin Coval

As an accompaniment, Woods discussed some of her favorite artists at Chicago’s Gramaphone Records. Watch the clip, in which she chats about Stevie Wonder and Lauryn Hill, below, and snag tickets for her upcoming tour with Gallant for this fall.

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Buildium cyclists raise over $100,000 for MS research in 2018 Bike MS Ride

Everyone knows someone affected by multiple sclerosis. So every summer, Buildium’s Bike MS team rides from Boston to Provincetown to raise funds for MS awareness and treatment.

This year, donations from our corporate sponsors and the fundraising efforts of more than 60 Buildians brought in over $100,000 (and rising!). We wanted to take a moment out of our day to thank the many people who helped us to reach our fundraising goals this year.

Bike MS Ride 2018:
Buildium’s Generous Sponsors

We couldn’t have done it without the help of some extraordinary people. There are so many to thank, starting with our generous sponsors.

Our Bike MS Ride 2018 Sponsors:

Borislow Insurance


Forte Payment Systems

K1 Investment Management

Mintz Levin



Price Intelligently



Warehouse Bar & Grille

Wells Fargo

Bike MS Ride 2018:
Buildium’s Fearless Riders

The Buildium team pedaled for 150 miles through intense 90-degree heat to earn the donations it raised over the past several months. We even had multiple family members, friends and one of our very own customers join our team this year.  Without each of you, we wouldn’t have been able to raise so much money for MS research–and we definitely wouldn’t have had as much fun along the way!

Bike MS Ride 2018:
Buildium’s Incredible Support Team

We wanted to say a special thank you to everyone who volunteered their time, stopped by our fundraising event at The Warehouse, bought raffle tickets, contributed a few dollars, or just talked to somebody they know about the importance of MS research. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to make it to the finish line in support of such an amazing cause.

In addition, special thanks goes out to The Warehouse in Boston for hosting a great fundraiser for our team. Thanks also to the Buildium creative team for our amazing jerseys this year. Last but certainly not least, thank you to Mary and the rest of the Buildium team for your support at the Bike MS finish line.

And once again, a big thank you to our thoughtful sponsors. Your support made a huge difference and will go a long way in supporting multiple sclerosis research.

Enjoy the rest of the summer, and we hope to see you at Bike MS in 2019!

The post Buildium cyclists raise over $100,000 for MS research in 2018 Bike MS Ride appeared first on Buildium.

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Can You Help Us Play Santa? – Salvation Army Annual Angel Tree Toy Drive

Can You Help Us Play Santa? – Salvation Army Annual Angel Tree Toy DriveOnce again, Belvidere Chiropractic Center is proud to partner with The Salvation Army on their annual Holiday Angel Tree Program, which provides new toys for local children of needy families.The true impact of the Great Recession is tough to measure. Americans have lost money, jobs and homes. Our families and friends may have fallen on hard times. Some who had little to begin with now have less and are working harder everyday to make it to tomorrow. These same families who are struggling to meet the financial demands of day-to-day life question how they might provide a gift or two for their children on Christmas Day.

Every child deserves to experience the joy of Christmas morning. And thanks to The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program, and your generous help, thousands of American children will find this waiting under their Christmas trees this year.

To learn more about how The Salvation Army Angel Tree Program and its donors help parents and children in need celebrate Christmas please clink on the video below:


Last year’s Salvation Army Annual Holiday Angel Tree Program was a huge success! Your generosity and kindness brought happiness to many local children whose families were experiencing economic hardship who otherwise would have been unable to provide gifts for their children.

With all your help we were able to collect hundreds!! of new toys again for deserving children of needy families in the local communities who counted on you to make sure they had a Merry Christmas.

This year many of these and unfortunately even more, local area children in the surrounding communities are counting on you again to help make sure they have a Merry Christmas.

So please, while you are out shopping for your loved ones this year, remember to pick up some things for local children in need and then just drop them off during our normal hours, Starting Today and until December 15th, 2017.

And please help us spread the word about this year’s Angel Tree Toy Drive by sharing this post with your family and friends by email or any of the social media sites you are currently on and you are more than welcome to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Google+, or YouTube.

Thank You, we really appreciate all your help, and God Bless!

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