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6 Ways I’m Turning Into My Mom

6 Ways I'm Turning Into My Mom | Baby Chick

Ever heard the phrase “I open my mouth and my mother comes out?” Yeah, well. I never thought it to be true for me.

My mom and I are 100% different in tons of ways. She’s organized, I’m all over the place. She’s a planner, I’m a procrastinator. She’s a neat freak, I’m a pig. She communicates feelings, I bury them. (Wow, reading these differences actually makes me look like a highly irritating human.) But in all honesty, all of the above are totally true.

Yet, after having kids, I started noticing a shift in me. I started needing her more. I started listening to her more. I started to have more patience with her than I did before. Maybe it’s because I started getting a taste of my own medicine with my two little rascals, and realizing that she wasn’t so annoying or embarrassing after all.

Since Mother’s Day recently passed, I was reflecting on how awesome my mom really is, and I started noticing things about myself that are becoming just like her. Things that I never thought would change about me – but I’m now realizing that “turning into my mom” isn’t such a bad thing after all.

6 Ways I'm Turning Into My Mom | Baby Chick

1. I sound just like her on the phone.

I can’t count how many times I’ve answered the phone and friends and family have commented on how much our voices sound the same. Or, out of confusion, they might even completely mistake my voice for hers altogether, and say her name instead of mine. Maybe it’s the way we say “Hello” with a hint of Texas twang, or maybe it’s the way we annunciate the “you” in “How are you.” In any case, now that my vocal cords are 100% developed, hints of my mom naturally come out of my mouth.

2. The things that annoyed me are now the things I do too.

Things about my mom growing up would drive me absolutely bonkers – but now, I find myself doing or saying the same thing. Things like:

“What time are you going to set your alarm in the morning to get ready?”
Finally yelling after telling us to take out the trash for the 45th time.
“Are you sure you want to wear that?”
Reorganizing the dishwasher after asking someone else to load it up.
“If your work isn’t done with excellence, it’s not done.”
Reminding everyone the importance of thinking before you speak.
“What do you think the Lord would do in this situation?”
Hitting the gas pedal and flooring it when annoyed.

These were all things I’d roll my eyes at, or completely ignore, or give a purposefully rebellious response. But now – I’m doing the same exact thing. Behind every one of those sentences are life lessons that were subconsciously molding me to be a halfway-respectable person as an adult. Or, they’re just hilarious mom-tendencies that are inevitable no matter what.

6 Ways I'm Turning Into My Mom | Baby Chick

3. My physical features are morphing into hers.

I used to be kind of mean to my mom about how she looked, and even acted prideful of how I looked in comparison to her. I never thought my boobs would lose their perk from breastfeeding, or that I’d develop crow’s feet around my eyes, or that I’d start losing muscle tone in my legs, or that I’d have “crêpey” skin around my belly from having babies, or that I’d need a motherload of facial moisturizer just to keep it from drying out. Yet – all of those things that she experienced when I was younger, I’m experiencing now. My body is now my mom’s. But instead of being upset about this aging process, I’m just simply feeling guilty about how I treated her for it back then. I look at myself sometimes and even tear up, thinking that even in the imperfections, my mom was (and is) still so freaking beautiful.

4. Our fashion sense is now identical.

I remember times in high school where I’d freak out for not having anything to wear. My mom would try to calm me down by saying, “Honey, why don’t you find something to wear from my closet?” Instead of even trying to look for something, I’d make a disrespectful gagging noise, as if that was the dumbest thing in the world for her to suggest. Yet, every time I visit her now, I’m always rummaging through her walk-in closet, trying to find pieces that looked better than what I packed. Especially since our bodies are now so similar in every way, her clothes are just as flattering on me as they are on her. On top of that, she’s actually on top of it when it comes to fashion trends, probably way more than me. Swapping out clothes like we’re sisters has become an all-too-often occurrence when we are together, and I’m really loving it.

6 Ways I'm Turning Into My Mom | Baby Chick

5. The things she valued are now the things I value.

When it comes to raising kids, I’m finding that the things that were so important to her are now important to me. And when it comes to being a good woman, things about her are now things I’m striving to become. Things like:

Getting everyone in the family involved in church.
Keeping all things on a calendar system.
Having a bedtime routine for the kids, and never straying from it.
Being heavily involved in all of my kids’ extracurricular activities.
Always sending thank you notes in the mail.
Being an extravagant giver and encourager to others, without expecting anything in return.
Only listening to worship music when the kids are in the car.
Letting go of past hurts and never keeping a record of wrongs.
Extending mercy to those who don’t deserve it.

And so many other things that have been instilled in me, because of her. And I’m so not mad about it. Because these values are precious, admirable, and really, really sweet.

6. Selflessness has overcome selfishness.

Before marriage and kids, life was all about me. I remember so many times I’d take advantage of my mom’s giving heart. But now, I’m noticing that my time, my plans, my actions, my decisions, are all wrapped up in not myself – but my family.

The TV shows less Kardashian’s, and more Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
My wardrobe is 3 years outdated, but my daughter’s closet is on point.
My nails aren’t manicured, but my son’s hair is freshly cut.
My days don’t involve mimosas over brunch with the girls, but rather bibs and high chairs and bowls of oatmeal.
My grocery cart isn’t filled with wine and cheese, but rather diapers and animal crackers.
My down time isn’t spent napping, but picking up toys while the kids are napping.
My hobbies are no longer include going to social gatherings, but rather teaching my kids how to socialize and recite their ABC’s.
My hours aren’t spent figuring out my future, but trying to stay as present as possible while my babies are still little.

Becoming a mom forces you to take on a whole other level of selflessness that I’ve never had before. And looking back – that’s exactly who my mom was. Full of grace, unconditional love, and one who put our needs first before her own.

Yes, I’m turning into my mom.

And I’m super freaking proud of it.

6 Ways I'm Turning Into My Mom | Baby Chick


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Your July 2018 Horoscope: Let the Stars Guide You (Through This Never-Ending Summer)

July Horoscopes 2018Image Source: ©Disney | Babble

The stars are here to guide you through this (seemingly never-ending) summer break with our July horoscopes.

If your kids are permanently sticky with melted popsicles and you’ve heard the phrase “I’m bored” 324 million times, we’re right there with you. But rest assured, when the sun enters Leo on the 22nd, we’re all about find ourselves surrounded by positive energy, in one way or another.

July horoscopes for Cancer astrological sign, cartoon of woman putting flower in her hair.Image Source: ©Disney | Babble

The New Moon in your sign on the 12th finds you frazzled to the point where going to the grocery store alone feels like a legit vacation.

You’re so committed to making sure everyone is properly looked after that you sometimes forget to look after yourself. Keep in mind that the way you manage your energy determines how much you’ll have left for the kiddos in the long run. Taking care of yourself is the best way to ensure your #MomGoals status continues well into the future.

When the sun enters Leo on the 22nd, you start getting some support in return. Let your partner or sitter pick up the slack at home while you hit the gym or meet up with your bestie for some laughs. People are more than happy to accommodate you. All you have to do is ask.

The Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 27th has you feeling like doing something edgy and playful for a change. You could find yourself doing it before you’ve even had time to think, which is fun but also dangerous. (Maybe it’s fun because it’s dangerous?)

Yes, a pink ombré situation will liven up those split ends, and if you hate it, it’ll fade after a few washes. But going full bleach? Are you sure about that? It might be a good idea to check in with some basic common sense before you go threading your eyebrows clean off your face. 

Your mantra for the month of July is: Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

July horoscopes for Leo astrological sign. Cartoon woman with hand on hip.Image Source: ©Disney | Babble

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, goes direct in Scorpio on the 10th like pow! Are you ready for one awesome lucky streak? Because that’s what’s in store for you once July gets rolling, and this will impact all areas of life, from the board room to the changing table.

Once the sun enters your sign on the 22nd, you will have reached the highpoint of the year, and not just because it’s your birthday season and birthdays are awesome.

This is your cosmically ordained time to shine. You are most in your element now: outgoing, big-hearted, and ready to show the rest of the world how the fun is done. You’ve got charisma to spare and a generosity of spirit that others find magnetic. Throw yourself a party or, better yet, a lake-side shindig to raise cash for your favorite charity. Why set up yet another boring Facebook fundraiser when you can press your relatives into handing it over with the help of some pizza and beer?

The window between the 22nd and just before Mercury stations retrograde on the 25th has your manifestation mojo in top form. This is your time to set some powerful intentions for the year ahead. You might even want to make a little ritual of it: light some candles, bust out your journal, and give that big dream in your heart some actual structure.

Once you can see it on the page, you’ll be that much closer to making it a reality. With a little bit of luck and fairy dust, you could alter the course of your future forever. One year you’re hauling a stroller, three bags of groceries, and a 30-pound toddler up the stairs to your third floor walk-up and the next you’re breaking ground in your own backyard for a swimming pool.

Your mantra for the month of July is: Lucky is as lucky does.

July horoscopes for Virgo astrological sign. Cartoon of mom holding notebook and pencil.Image Source: ©Disney | Babble

With beauty-loving Venus moving into your sign on the 9th, you may find yourself craving a trip to the hot springs or even just a nice full-body stretch, anything to soften the lines of concentration on your face. Maybe you just need to take your yoga mat outside to feel closer to the earth?

Your inner hippie knows what’s up now, as you find yourself longing to spend as much time in nature as possible. If your work or daily routines keep you cooped up indoors most days, see what you can do to bring a little outdoors inside. A small, potted plant can work psychological wonders in a cramped office space. Plus, it’s pretty.

You normally have the patience of a saint, but that may be tested with the partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer on the 12th when tempers flare over the pettiest non-issues like, “Who ate the last of the peanut butter?” and “What is taking so long in the bathroom?” 

It’s nothing you can’t handle with some well-placed snark. Your passive-aggressive sense of humor doesn’t fly well with everyone. It rubs the hubs the wrong way especially, but who cares? It’s not for him. It’s for you to amuse yourself … because, life. Sometimes you just gotta laugh.

Mercury goes retrograde in Leo on the 25th, and you become the calm eye of the storm to everyone else’s minor emergencies. People don’t always appreciate your practical nature, but it comes in handy when they’re freaking out about that disaster of an email chain or lost computer files. Of course, you’re always prepared for such occasions and keep every receipt on file by date. It’s nice to get some credit for that once in a while and even nicer to know that — come hell or high water — you can always count on yourself.

Your mantra for the month of July is: Steady as I go.

July horoscope for Libra astrological sign. Cartoon of woman wearing eccentric jewelry. Image Source: ©Disney | Babble

Your ruling planet Venus enters Virgo on the 9th with an invitation to get extra creative with the self-care. You’re going to have to use your infamous charm on yourself this month if you want to achieve some semblance of the work-life balance you crave. Look for fun ways to seduce yourself into getting less desirable tasks done. Set up little rewards, like a square of fancy chocolate for plowing through that crazy stack of paperwork or schedule a post-laundry Beyoncé dance break.

Jupiter goes direct in Scorpio on the 10th and the good news is that you might finally be in a position to relax about money. Of course, you’ll want to treat yourself to something special after all the hard work you put into making that happen, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to celebrate. A pretty new lipstick or trip to the movies with your bestie will do nicely, and then you can focus on more empowering investments for the future.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes shape in Aquarius on the 27th and it seems like the whole world’s gone cranky pants. The hubs is muttering under his breath about midtown traffic (and something about a carburetor), your mother (and go-to sitter) has stopped taking your calls, and the kid is post-tantrum, literally wearing his dinner. Small, thoughtful gestures go a long way toward reminding the people you love that this too shall pass. Bust out the good ice cream and give yourself a break. This pressure won’t last. It’s just a temporary blip on the radar.

Your mantra for the month of July is: Treat yo’self!

July horoscopes for Scorpio astrological sign. Cartoon image of woman with pink hair and tattoos.Image Source: ©Disney | Babble

Jupiter goes direct in Scorpio on the 10th like yay, money! Things are really starting to look up for you financially, which is both a relief and a thrill. (Hello, Bed Bath & Beyond.) Just be sure to keep the excitement in check so that you don’t blow through your newfound fortune faster than you make it. Do not ignore the sound of your inner B.S. detector should any too-good-to-be-true opportunities to “invest” cross your path in July.

The sun enters Leo on the 22th, and you’re still in such a great mood from all the positive cash flow that it’s starting to rub off on your love life. You are light years sexier when you’re not standing outside the bathroom door, rationing toilet paper on a case-by-case basis or driving 15 minutes out of your way to fill up your tank at the cash-only gas station. The poor spouse, too, has had enough of your insistence that he squeeze the Colgate from the bottom up to ensure you get every penny’s worth. You’re not wrong about the toothpaste — but we all deserve to brush in peace.

The Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 27th brings a happy surprise. If you’re currently unattached, your upbeat attitude may compel an attractive stranger to make an introduction. They might not be the kind of person you’d normally go for, which could turn out to be a very good thing! They’re meeting you at your finest this month, and that will set the tone for your future (should there be any relationship potential there). The sooner you can run him past the hooligans, the sooner you’ll know.

Your mantra for the month of July is: Going with the flow is way flowier when the dollars flow first.

July horoscopes for Sagittarius. Cartoon woman in knit hat and shorts. Image Source: ©Disney | Babble

Venus enters Virgo on the 9th with a focus on quality of life, as your new role seems to be keeper of the hearth flame. You’ll get your kicks now by taking especially good care of your home and the people who live in it. Go full KonMari on that sock drawer, surprise the kids with Sunday pancakes, or scrub the tub ‘til it gleams. If your bank account is in good shape, take this opportunity to spring for a gorgeous new couch. Even a fresh coat of paint can work wonders in terms of lifting morale. New stuff is nice for new stuff’s sake, but it’s more about how it makes you all feel.

The New Moon in Cancer on the 12th is also a partial Solar Eclipse, which could leave you feeling confined or held back in some way. Don’t let it frustrate you. You’ve finally mastered the art of text-trolling the hubs into doing more chores, you’re two jean sizes closer to your pre-baby weight, and the pantry is stocked to the ceiling from your last sweep through Costco. Count your blessings and you’ll find there are more than you think.

The Sun enters Leo on the 22nd and your inborn sense of wanderlust comes roaring back to life. Good thing travel is on the menu for July. A super chill vacation may be just the escape your gang needs to breathe new life back into what has become a ho-hum family dynamic. You know it’s time for a change of scenery when you all start shuffling through your days like a pack of screen-seeking zombies. Follow the sunshine, Mama, and fun for your lives!

Your mantra for the month of July is: #BeachLife is my therapy.

July horoscopes for Capricorn astrological sign. Cartoon of mom reading.Image Source: ©Disney | Babble

When Venus moves into Virgo on the 9th, you’ll want to get a little earthier with the self-care routine. You’re ready to revamp the medicine cabinet, swapping out some of the harsher chemical products for more natural options. And it’s time to bring the fitness routine outside, all the better if you can get the whole gang on board. Biking, swimming, or hiking feels like play and burns a heck of a lot more calories than refreshing your Facebook feed all afternoon.

The New Moon in Cancer on the 12th presents a rare opportunity for alone time with your main squeeze. By some miracle of spontaneous free babysitting (thank you, Nana!), there will be long, uninterrupted kisses and a much-needed break from the echoes of MomMomMom.

If you’re currently unattached, get to the nearest gathering of grown people. You know, the kind who cut their own steak and tie their own shoes? This could be your chance to make a new love match that lasts. Keep in mind that because you’ve gotten so set in your my-way-or-the-highway rules, the reverse is also true. Any incompatibilities will be revealed right up front and, truth be told, that suits you just fine.

Mercury goes retrograde in Leo on the 25th with a whole lotta womp womp. Good thing patience is one of your main virtues. It will serve you well in July, as Saturn, your ruling planet, is also in retrograde and things are really starting to feel like they’re moving forward, albeit at a snail’s pace. Any challenges you are faced with now will best be met in the spirit of surrender. Let it go or you’ll miss the hidden gift of the situation.

Hot tip: It’s got something to do with doing a whole lotta nothing. It’s called re-lax-ation. Have you forgotten what that is?

Your mantra for the month of July is: All work and no play makes mom a total bummer.

July horoscopes for Aquarius. Cartoon woman playing guitar.Image Source: ©Disney | Babble

Venus enters Virgo on the 9th, and you are so ready to bring it with the creativity. Hobby Lobby’s seriously got your number in July. Even so, this energy is best spent on intellectual pursuits like writing or a friendly debate. Have fun with it and let the ideas flow naturally, especially if you find yourself in a collaborative situation at work or at home with your partner. People tend to value your uncommon suggestions and they appreciate them even more when they’re coming from a nice, easy place.

The Sun enters Leo on the 22nd, shining a big, bright spotlight on what exactly it is that makes you so awesome. It’s your free-spirited nature that others find attractive, and it doesn’t hurt that your confidence is on the upswing now. Should you find yourself joining a new mom clique, be sure to highlight the fact that you speak fluent toddler and make a mean gluten-free lasagna. Lead with what makes you unique.

The Full Moon in your sign on the 27th also marks a Total Lunar Eclipse, revealing the more playful ways your originality presents itself. It’s not just how you style your hair or your unusual taste in music, it’s in that extra two seconds you take to press a cookie cutter into the bread because star-shaped PB&Js taste better. You don’t think like everyone else. Your kids get mohawks in the summer and your man is welcome to keep his socks in the fridge. If the socks are clean and it gives his tired tootsies a thrill, it’s no sweat off your nose.

Your mantra for the month of July is: I embrace my weirdness.

July horoscopes for Pisces astrological sign. Cartoon mom in apron.Image Source: ©Disney | Babble

Jupiter goes direct in Scorpio on the 10th and things finally start to lighten up. The pressure may not be off entirely, but it’s getting there, especially on the home front. You’re beginning to feel like you can breathe again. The whole gang is starting to feel it. There’s more laughing, less snapping, and way more trips to the pool. With money in the bank and a clean bill of health, you’re on your way to enjoying one of the happiest summers ever.

The New Moon in Cancer on the 12th could find you volunteering at a local shelter or helping a friend move house after a nasty breakup, which gives you a much-needed sense of purpose. You live for this stuff. Just make sure your own family doesn’t feel neglected. Of course, they are so not. You bend over backwards for them. They might just need a little reassurance that you’re still Team Us.

The Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 27th could lead you down a strange new woo woo path. Go with it. Reiki, yoni eggs, hot yoga for hot moms … consider yourself officially Goop-ified. You’re entering a new phase of spiritual development that will carry you into fall with extra zhuzh.

Your mantra for the month of July is: The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.

July horoscopes for Aries astrological sign. Cartoon woman doing yoga.Image Source: ©Disney | Babble

Jupiter goes direct in Scorpio on the 10th and hits you with the urge to expand your reach out into the world. You are naturally ambitious, which makes you a valuable asset for any team, but ambition is about so much more than money or career. It’s also about maintaining an upbeat vibe at home, healthy habits, and a love that lasts. It’s in these latter realms that your sudden drive to “Go, Do, Be” will best be put to use in July.

Remember, raising happy humans is no small feat. It may be hard to believe that the little dude smooshing mashed peas in your hair and eating his own boogers could legit be getting a job one day, but it will happen. And sooner than you think.

The New Moon in Cancer on the 12th might find you asking, “What’s in it for me?”, which is really not the question to be asking now. Not yet, anyway. Look for ways to serve the common good and any impatience you may be feeling will resolve in a renewed sense of purpose. Remember a happy home makes a happy mama and a happy mama makes a happy home. It’s all connected. The sooner you get them picking their own clothes up off the floor, the sooner you can stop doing it yourself.

The Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 27th brings with it an unexpected opportunity to shake things up in your love life and finally … Mama gets hers!

It could be that your honey’s got something fun brewing for you two on the down low or, if you’re currently unattached, a new romantic interest could appear in the most unlikely of places. Never underestimate the frozen food section of your local grocery store. (Hello! That’s where they keep the pizza.) Expect the unexpected and circle that weekend in red. You’ve got a surprise to look forward to.

Your mantra for the month of July is: Everybody gets a turn, and my turn is coming!

July horoscopes for taurus astrological sign. Cartoon woman wearing sunglasses and jacket.Image Source: ©Disney | Babble

Venus enters Virgo on the 9th, and you feel the call to spruce up your home with a few earthy touches like a pretty new crystal for the coffee table or a green, potted plant. It’s also a good time to get your hands in the dirt, maybe start a little herb garden on the windowsill or blow off some steam with a long nature hike. Bring the kids. The great outdoors sets the stage for their best behavior — and yours. No one’s going to be squabbling over LEGO when there’s literal mud to sling and lizards to catch.

Jupiter, the planet of luck and good fortune, goes direct in Scorpio on the 10th and you really do seem blessed with some kind of magical mojo. Money is likely coming in at a nice steady pace, even on vacation days. Any free time you get or an unexpected boost of cash can now be enjoyed guilt-free.

You’ve got no qualms about throwing down for that super chic duvet cover you’ve been lusting after on Pinterest or that new meal delivery service you’ve heard so many good things about, because you know in your heart you’ve earned it. You work hard, and you expect your efforts to pay off in concrete rewards.

Mercury goes retrograde in Leo on the 25th, and the smartest thing you can do for your health is to gently mind your emotions. Cultivating happiness is the best preventative care, which shouldn’t be hard in July. You’re feeling quite settled, and there’s a comfortable sense of well-being at home.

Your mantra for the month of July is: I spend like I mean it.

July horoscopes for Gemini astrological sign. Cartoon woman doing ballet and holding iPhone.Image Source: ©Disney | Babble

The New Moon in Cancer on the 12th also happens to be a partial Solar Eclipse and may catch you by surprise with some old, pent-up emotions that come flooding to the surface. This isn’t something you can use your quick wit to disarm. It’s an opportunity to actually feel your feelings so that you can finally let them go. Call up your bestie for one of your laugh-snorting marathon chats or tuck yourself into bed early with The Notebook and let the ugly cry commence.

When the Sun enters Leo on the 22nd, you’re up for pretty much anything that gets you out into the sunshine and the company of other grown folk, even if you’ve all got munchkins in tow. This is a fabulous time to plan a moms-only getaway, if you can swing it. One long afternoon together in a child-free home with some halfway decent wine, DIY face masks, and the latest celebrity gossip will do just fine.

Mercury goes retrograde in Leo on the 25th, and it may feel like your plans are being thwarted or stalled by some mysterious, outside force, which is frustrating because you’re chomping at the bit to get ahead. You thought your little dude was past the every-other-week bed wetting phase, and yet here you are, putting Pull-ups in the shopping cart. Or maybe you thought everything was all set for you to go back to school this fall, but now that’s looking like it might be put on hold … again. Don’t give up. Use the delay to make your strategy better.

Your mantra for the month of July is: And … back to the drawing board.

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The post Your July 2018 Horoscope: Let the Stars Guide You (Through This Never-Ending Summer) appeared first on Babble.

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