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Meghan Markle’s makeup has been flawless lately — and it turns out, she’s been doing it herself

Meghan Markle blue dressJeff Spicer/Getty Images

Meghan Markle’s makeup artist Daniel Martin took to Instagram to point out how great the duchess looked during the Royal Air Force centenary celebrations.
When his followers asked about her makeup in the comments section, he revealed that Markle did it all herself.
Martin previously talked to INSIDER about his secrets for achieving Markle’s signature look.

From her love of bateau necklines to her clever travel hacks, Meghan Markle’s fashion always gets major attention no matter where she goes. However, there’s one aspect of her look that always seems to get overshadowed: her stunning makeup. 

She’s been experimenting with some bolder looks lately, but she typically opts for a subtle look that allows her natural features and freckles to shine through. Markle’s wedding day makeup artist Daniel Martin recently took to Instagram to point out how stunning the duchess has been looking lately, specifically during her appearance at Tuesday’s Royal Air Force centenary celebrationsSee the rest of the story at Business Insider

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Princess Charlotte’s new favorite present is a pink leather satchel — and it shows she could be getting into fashion already

Princess CharlotteHRH The Duchess of Cambridge/Getty

Prince William was given satchels for his three children by a company in Liverpool.
He said that Princess Charlotte would be “obsessed” with her bag, which came in her favorite color: pink.
“I’ll never be able to get it off her,” the prince said.

Princess Charlotte was given a stylish satchel this week, which Prince William says she will be “obsessed” with because it’s pink.

Charlotte’s new satchel is one of three William was given on a visit to Liverpool, England, by a local manufacturer on Tuesday.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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9 things Queen Elizabeth II actually has the power to do

queen elizabethWPA Pool/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth II does a lot more than rock her neon outfits
While Parliament is the UK’s highest governing body, the queen is still responsible for signing off on a proposed bill before it officially goes into effect. 
The queen can also grant “royal pardon” to anyone convicted of a crime. 

You may mostly see her giving to charity and rocking neon outfits, but the United Kingdom’s reigning monarch does have some very real governmental power.

Open Parliament sessions

Parliament, not the royal family, is the United Kingdom’s highest governing body… and yet Queen Elizabeth II does still have some power over this legislative group containing hundreds of individuals. Namely, she must officially open Parliament every May to commence the Parliamentary year. The ceremony is elaborate and steeped in tradition; the Queen must lead a procession through the Royal Gallery at the Palace of Westminster, wear the Imperial State Crown, and give a formal address to both Houses of Parliament. This is the only ceremonial event where the House of Lords, the House of Commons, and the Queen herself gather in the same space. Here are some more surprising facts (and a few scandals) about Queen Elizabeth II.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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Meet Prince Nikolai, the 18-year-old Danish royal who is also a professional model

prince nikolai denmarkOle Jensen/Getty Images

Prince Nikolai of Denmark is an 18-year-old royal and professional model with Scoop Models.
He’s sixth in line for the throne, and his parents support his career.
He’s not the first royal to dabble in modeling.

Sure, everyone around the globe may be busy fawning over Meghan Markle and Prince Harry this spring thanks to their upcoming nuptials, but it’s key to remember that there are more than a few awesome royals worth your time and attention. Take, as a prime example, Nikolai William Alexander Frederik, the prince of Denmark.

The 18-year-old royal recently signed on with Scoop Models, an agency out of his home country, and appeared in his very first fashion show during London Fashion Week. There, he walked in the Burberry show alongside supermodel Cara Delevingne.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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10 etiquette rules guests must follow at the royal wedding

kate middleton fascinatorDylan Martinez/WPA Pool/Getty Images

The proper way to greet someone at a formal British occasion is “How do you do?”
The royal wedding dress code includes tights and hats for the daytime ceremony and floor-length dresses that cover the shoulders for the evening reception.
Dining etiquette, such as holding the fork and knife correctly, is essential.
Holding the pinky up while drinking tea is considered rude.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s upcoming royal wedding will bring together the British elite and high society (as well as some lucky commoners) for an event that will be broadcast around the world, so it’s important for guests to be on their best behavior.

Royal expert Myka Meier of Beaumont Etiquette shared her knowledge with INSIDER regarding etiquette rules at formal occasions in British society, like a royal wedding.

Here are 10 rules that guests will be expected to follow.

The proper greeting when meeting someone is “How do you do?”
Tim Rooke/Pool/Getty Images

Meier said that while the correct formal greeting varies throughout Great Britain, in London you would say “How do you do?” The formal reply would simply be “How do you do.”

As for gestures of greeting, the correct way to say hello depends on context.

“In the British culture, it’s a handshake when meeting someone in business or social circumstances,” Meier said. “You could offend someone by hugging upon an initial greeting. In more social situations with those you already know, a cheek kiss may be appropriate. While it’s one kiss in America, it’s two kisses in the UK — always start with the right cheek in both the US and UK.”

Women attending the wedding must wear hats.
Chris Jackson/Getty

“Hats are considered the most important accessory for a lady when dressing for a traditional British wedding,” Meier said.

Women wearing hats is a tradition that dates back to before the 1950s, when women rarely showed their hair in public, according to the BBC

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding in 2011 featured an eclectic display of fascinators. The upcoming royal wedding surely will, as well.

Pantyhose or tights are also essential for those wearing dresses.
Andrew Milligan/Pool/Getty Images

Markle herself doesn’t seem to be abiding by this rule just yet, as royal expert Victoria Arbiter previously told INSIDER that Markle appeared not to be wearing tights in her engagement photos. But at her wedding, guests wearing dresses will be expected to wear tights or stockings with them.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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