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10 Key Tools for Editing Portraits Using Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Photo: Jye B

As humans, we relate to and love to capture photos of other people. Be it family, friends, strangers in street photography or professionally in a portrait studio.

Model/Actor: Patrick Walsh, Jr.

However, we don’t always have time to sit in front of a computer at home or in an office to edit our work. With the fantastic creation of Adobe Creative Cloud, you can now sync your Lightroom library to all your devices. You can create and edit images directly on your mobile phone or edit images created in any fashion, including in a studio. You can edit them in Lightroom Mobile on the go via laptop, tablet or smartphone.

While editing portraits, Lightroom Mobile, like its desktop counterpart, has many tools available to help take a snapshot of a great portrait. While it is helpful to explore every tool in the toolbox, here are ten key tools for editing portraits using Adobe Lightroom Mobile.

1. The Exposure Tool

Whether it’s midday outdoors and your image is a little overexposed or its a bit overcast and your image is a little underexposed, the exposure tool in the Lightroom Mobile app is a quick fix to brighten or darken a photo to your liking arbitrarily. In the image below, the mirror image of my subject was a little bit dark, so I bumped up the exposure just a little. Doing so lightened some of the shadows in the subjects sunglasses so that you could see his eyes better. It also helped to show more detail in the black coat.

In this case, bumping up the exposure helped bring out details.

2. The Contrast Tool

Adding contrast to an image creates more emphasis between light and dark colors in an image. However, sometimes contrast needs to be subtracted because too much can make similar tones can blend and lose definition. In the image below, I lowered the contrast to enhance the detail in my subject’s coat. Adding exposure in the first step brightened the subject as well as the mirror image. Although, it brightened the subject a little too much. I also dropped the highlights to put less focus on the brightest parts of the subject’s face.

Taking away contrast can show more detail. Taking away highlights can lessen the glare.

3. The Shadows Tool

You can utilize the ‘Shadows’ tool when sculpting to a face or body is required, or you can remove them to show more detail. In the image below, while I did bump up the exposure a little bit, I also took away shadow to show more of my subject’s eyes through the sunglasses. You can now see the irises and catchlights in the eyes. It has also lightened some of the lines on the face too.

Removing shadow can sometimes reveal more detail.

4. The Healing Tool

One of the most amazing Lightroom Mobile tools recently introduced is the ‘Healing’ tool. This tool allows you to correct things on portraits such as blemishes. In the image below, I tried to preserve the model’s natural moles and birthmarks while only removing unwanted blemishes using the Healing brush.

Before and after images using the Healing Brush in Lightroom Mobile.

5. The White Balance Tool

Sometimes you may capture an image where the white balance is a bit off. It could be too warm or too cold. The ‘Temperature’ slider under the ‘Color’ tab for ‘White Balance’ allows you to cool or warm an image. The below-left image was too cold, and the skin appeared gray. So, I boosted the warmth using the Color Temperature slider from 4400K to 4768K, giving a more natural color to the skin.

You can cool or warm an image using the ‘Temperature’ slider for ‘White Balance’ under the ‘Color’ tab.

6. The Clarity Tool

The ‘Clarity’ tool has a very magical effect when it comes to editing portraits – especially of women. If you have a portrait with harsh shine on the skin or the pores are extremely visible, softening the ‘Clarity’ helps to blur out some of those imperfections subtly. It can make skin appear smoother, as in the image below.

Softening Clarity can subtly blur out some imperfections and make skin appear smoother.

7. The Sharpening Tool

In portraiture, a sharp image is key. An essential portrait element to be sharp is the eyes, or at least the eye closest to the camera. Sometimes you may need to sharpen your image in Lightroom Mobile to achieve this.

Sometimes sharpening is necessary to get key features, like the eyes, crisper.

8. The Noise Reduction Tool

After sharpening, zoom in to check for unwanted noise in your image. If there is unwanted noise, Lightroom Mobile has an entire ‘Noise Reduction’ section under the ‘Effects’ tab that you can use to minimize noise in your portraits. The Noise Reduction tool is also helpful in smoothing out any highlighted rough skin.

The Noise Reduction tab helps get rid of noise and smooth out the rough skin under highlights.

9. The Presets Tool

The ‘Presets’ tab is a fun tab. There are several sub-menus under Presets with a variety of readymade one-click settings you can quickly apply to your portraits. As examples, I chose two from the ‘Creative’ sub-menu under Presets to apply to the original image below-left.

Left to right: Original image, Soft Mist, Aged Photo.

10. The Crop Tool

The last tool you may find you need while editing on-the-go is the ‘Crop’ tool. Sometimes we have too much in an image, whether by accident or on purpose, knowing we can edit it later. Lightroom Mobile allows you to select the area of an image you wish to keep. Using your fingers, you can drag the borders to where you want them placed, as per the image below.

Using Lightroom Mobile, drag borders with your fingers and click the checkmark to finished when cropping images.

Tying It All Together

Lightroom Mobile grants photographers many tools to edit on-the-go. You can take a regular capture and make it an extraordinary image. Take a few images, use the various tools of Lightroom Mobile, and learn how they can be adjusted more toward your vision. You’ll find the convenience of Lightroom Mobile second-to-none, with results being similar to those of a desktop computer.

Have you used Adobe Lightroom Mobile? What are your experiences with it? Let us know in the comments below.

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6 Trends To Deck Your Halls With This Holiday Season

Whether you’re the kind of person who starts feeling festive as soon as the red coffee cups come out or you’re the wait-until-Black Friday type, there’s no doubt that the true signal of the holiday season is when the holiday decor takes over: beloved department-store window displays, wreaths on apartment doors, generations-old ornaments hanging from the tree. But when it comes to decorating your home, as sentimental as some of your family heirloom decor might be, it’s about time you switched things up.

So, inspired by Command™ Brand stylish decorating and organizing products — and its partnership with everyone’s favorite fashion guru Tim Gunn — we decided to put together a lookbook of the top six holiday trends we’re loving this year, based on what we’ve been wearing all year long. Whether you’re riding out prairie style as long as you possibly can or looking for a sophisticated way to put your go-to leopard print on full display, the following trends will take your favorite looks from the runway to your home — so you can finally retire that popsicle-stick DIY ornament you made in middle school.

Timeless Tartan

If there’s one holiday pattern that will never go out of style, it’s trusty plaid. With effortless versatility, you can add a dash of tartan in absolutely any room (yes, even the bathroom). Start in the kitchen, with chic serving-ware and tablescape essentials. But don’t stop there: Plaid can be seamlessly incorporated with classic winter greenery. Hang up garland and wreaths, and trim trees for all-American vibes.

Command™ Large Brushed Nickel Metal Hooks, $18.99, available at Target; Williams Sonoma Bay Leaf Wreath with Tartan Ribbon, $49.95, available at Williams Sonoma; Pottery Barn Denver Plaid Rectangle Platter, $59.00, available at Pottery Barn; Pottery Barn Hamilton Plaid Pillow Cover in Red Multi, $35.50, available at Pottery Barn; Pendleton Plaid 5th Avenue Throw in Highland Plaid, $179.00, available at Pendleton.

Design by Tristan Offit.

On The Prairie

If you still intend to wear your high-neck, maxi prairie dresses even when it’s snowing outside, we’re right there with you. Take your love for vintage fabrics and handmade knickknacks to a new level by adorning your home with mixed woods and patchwork detailing. Add on plenty of plants (our pick is a mini living spruce) to give your entire space that rustic-pinecone-and-evergreen scent.

Terrain Little Living Tree, $88.00, available at Terrain; Anthropologie Treasured Tassel Stocking, $48.00, available at Anthropologie; Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal One-Of-A-Kind Kantha Throw Pillow, $79.00, available at Urban Outfitters; Pottery Barn Premium Flicker Flameless Birch & Stick Inclusion Pillar Candle, $69.00, available at Pottery Barn.

Design by Tristan Offit.

Bare Metals

Instead of using metallic shades like silver, brass, and bronze as accents, make them the main event. They’re just as complementary as any other neutral but with an added luminescence that you just don’t get with browns, grays, and blacks. Outfit your home with shiny mirrored objects, and hang brass geometric ornaments from metallic brass hooks (these ones from Command ™ are super quick to install and easy to remove once the holiday season comes to an end).

Command™ Small Metallic Hooks in Brass Color, $5.99, available at Target; CB2 Disco Ball Snowman, $39.95, available at CB2; West Elm Silversmith Menorah, $59.00, available at West Elm; CB2 Boxes Gold Ornament, $4.95, available at CB2.

Designed by Tristan Offit.

Electrifying Neon

Although deep, rich colors are normally associated with the holidays, there’s something so fresh and unexpected about neon. A neon color palette brings a new feeling of warmth and fun into your space — like you’re lying out on a lounge chair in Palm Springs — without making it feel too over-the-top. The key here is to not be too timid to pair together vibrant highlighter shades: Lime green, lemon yellow, aquamarine, and bright pink all work together harmoniously.

Pottery Barn Lit Ornaments, $69.00, available at Pottery Barn; Sophia Victoria Joy Neon Personalized Christmas Sack, from $24.11, available at Etsy; Lula Mena Diamond Tassel Pillow in Neon Yellow, $78.00, available at The Little Market; Vickerman Pre-Lit Slim Seafoam Ashley Spruce Christmas Tree, $599.99, available at Christmas Central.

Design by Tristan Offit.

Animal Print

There’s almost nothing quite as miraculous as the skyrocketing popularity of leopard print in 2018. In less than a year, animal print went from the back of our closets with the rest of our early 2000s relics to front and center. So it only feels natural to carry the trend to our holiday decor. To pack on the print in a tasteful way, look for decor pieces with a sophisticated touch. Faux fur and gold accents make animal print look luxurious in a way that very well could be straight from a Fifth Avenue penthouse.

PB Teen Pony Faux-Fur Stocking, $29.50, available at PB Teen; Ballard Designs Leopard Accent Plates, Set of 4, $59.00, available at Ballard Designs; L’Objet Leopard Coasters, Set of 4, $150.00, available at Gracious Style; Pink Water Modern White Chic Faux Gold Foil Leopard Print Floor Pillow, $79.99, available at Society6.

Design by Tristan Offit.

Grandma Style

The holiday season means spending a good amount of time at Grandma’s house baking gingerbread cookies and listening to those bluesy Christmas albums. As luck would have it, grandma style is in. So when we’re not hanging with the fam, we’re decorating our homes with chunky sweater knits and quaint designs for the same cozy effect. Add baking gear and a few extra-fluffy blankets into the mix, and you’ll feel transported straight to a family holiday dinner party (the good part, anyway).

Zara Home Fleece Blanket, $119.00, available at Zara Home; Williams Sonoma Holiday Striped Adult Apron, $34.95, available at Williams Sonoma; Juliska Country Estate Ceramic Serving Board, $95.00, available at Nordstrom; Crate & Barrel Cozy Knit Ivory Garland, $7.95, available at Crate & Barrel.

Design by Tristan Offit.

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7 To-Dos to Check Off Before 2019

Goal setting season is upon us. Resolutions are looming and the success of your business next year can depend largely on how you wrap up the next few months. It’s a heavy task with all the festivities and subsequent lack of focus, but if you prioritize a few key things, you’ll set yourself up for success.

Lead Generation Real Estate Plan


Plan your gifts and donations

‘Tis the season! Make your own nice list and include the people who have been important to your business. Consider clients, vendors, and co-workers and plan to give a token of your appreciation for their help and loyalty this year. It’s also a wonderful time to choose a local charity and make a company donation. It’s a great thing to do for obvious reasons, but it also doesn’t hurt to get a little brand recognition and a tax reduction!


Real Estate Lead Generation

Audit your tech tools

Technology is mission critical to the success of your business. Do you have everything you need to hit the ground running in 2019? Perhaps there was something you could have benefited from this year? Make sure you’re using vendors that are true business partners. Make sure they’re on the leading edge of innovation, putting you ahead of the competition and helping you deliver unprecedented service to your clients.


Lead Generation Plan

Evaluate your digital persona

As an agent, you yourself are a brand. Make sure your personal brand is reflecting your values and the type of service you can offer prospective clients. Now is a great time to spruce up your social media profiles, update your head shot, and skim through all the content to make sure everything is in line with your brand goals.

Not sure what channels are best? Check out our tips in this video:


Real Estate Lead Generation

Prioritize your education

Did you put a priority on professional development this year? If so, great! Keep doing what worked and re-evaluate things that weren’t that beneficial. If not, make that a focus for 2019. It’s amazing what inspiration the right conference or coach can bring to your business. Research some opportunities that would be a great fit for your 2019 goals, and make some plans!


Real Estate Lead Generation

Assess your 2018 business plan

Too many people create their goals for the new year without taking a long hard look at the past year. Review your critical metrics from 2018. Regardless of if you hit your goals in certain areas or not, what do the numbers say about your performance and priorities? Use this information as a starting point for sales forecasting and building a very realistic and actionable plan for next year.


Build that 2019 business plan

Now that you have a real understanding of last year’s performance, it’s time to put a plan together. Make sure you cover all aspects of your business: marketing campaigns, potential hires, specific sales metrics, technology investments and events. Associate SMART goals with each aspect and build out timelines to keep yourself accountable.



Enjoy your holiday time

The next two months provide built-in time to celebrate with those you love. Take advantage! Focus on your to-dos before the whirlwind begins and soak in your quality time with family and friends. Disconnect from your business a bit, enjoy yourself, and mentally prepare yourself to hit the ground running in January.


BoomTown Real Estate Goals

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You Do Not Want To Miss Out On Reformation’s Huge Black Friday Sale

Ring the alarm because sale time has fully landed. We’ve been long awaiting Reformation ‘s fall sale since the weather turned. Our go-to sustainable fashion brand is majorly marking down every NYE perfect slip dress, faux fur cuffed coat, and on-trend pair of jeans for a mere five days, all in the name of Black Friday. And for anyone who’s waited in the line — a line comparable to yesterday’s record-breaking airport security lines — for the brand’s rare sample sales, you’ll know how much of treat it is to be able to do all your shopping right from the comfort of your post-Thanksgiving food coma.

From now until midnight on Cyber Monday, Reformation is slashing its prices site-wide by 30%. So all those little white tops you’ve been eyeing for a tropical getaway and those cozy sweaters to covet for the winter-y months ahead are just an add to cart button away — but only while supplies last. Don’t you fret, though. To help ensure a successful Black Friday outcome, we’ve rounded up 25 of the best deep-discounted pieces from this once-a-year mega sale.

So plug in your laptop and make yourself comfortable — you’ve got some serious shopping to do.

At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.

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Start Studying Up On This Year's Best Black Friday Fashion Sales

Shop The Best Of Urban Outfitters' Black Friday Sale

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From Your Baby Cousin To Your S.O. — Every Birthday Gift You’ll Ever Need To Buy

Every so often, we find ourselves in the middle of a month where it’s suddenly everyone’s birthday. This weekend, there’s a family get-together to celebrate your baby cousin’s first year ’round the sun (even though they won’t remember the party ever happened). Next week, your sister’s turning 21 and insistent on making it a huge deal. And at the end of the month, your former college roommate is turning the big 3-0. Try as you may, you’re not getting out of any of these.

While it’s tempting to give everyone — mom, grandpa, even your S.O. — the same item (i.e. a practical and easy Amazon gift card), going the route of gifting something more in-line with their specific interests will be worth so many more brownie points. From your toddler nephew to your like-a-sister best friend, we’re sharing 27 great present ideas in the name of keeping things creative. Just remember, karma comes back around. A good gift could be to your benefit when the gifting tables are turned.

At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.

Babies & ToddlersTransparently, infants really just need something that makes noise and that can safely be put in their mouth. But gifting for the sake of their parents helps, too. Opt for cute baby sneakers, toys that are too big to swallow, or a get-up with a pattern so busy no stains can ruin it.

Vans Infant Checker Slip-On V Crib, $25, available at VansPhoto Courtesy of Vans.

Babies & Toddlers

Jellycat Bashful Raccoon, $22.5, available at Bloomingdale’sPhoto Courtesy of Bloomingdales.

Babies & Toddlers

Zara Colorful Overalls, $29.9, available at ZaraPhoto Courtesy of Zara.

KidsWith kids on the other hand, you can have a little more fun with your gifting selection. Teach them a little something (with illustrations, of course), give them their first glimpse of fashion, or introduce them to a game they’ll likely play for the rest of their lives.

Quarto Books Rosa Parks: Little People, Big Dreams, $15, available at Barneys New YorkPhoto Courtesy of Barneys.


Apparis Goldie Children’s Mauve Faux Fur Coat, $195, available at ApparisPhoto Courtesy of Apparis.


Westminster Toys Cosmic Arcade Foosball Game, $44.99, available at NordstromPhoto Courtesy of Nordstrom.

TweensOh, tween-hood. For most of us, being a tween meant collecting Dr. Pepper-flavored lip balm and listening to Britney Spears or N*SYNC on our Walkmen. Nowadays, tweens are a bit more grown up. So try for mature picks with a young touch — an affordable designer handbag with a helping hand from Disney’s or a handheld video game console will do the trick.

Disney x Coach Boxed Minnie Mouse Coin Case, $99, available at CoachPhoto Courtesy of Coach.


Nintendo Nintendo Switch™, $299.99, available at TargetPhoto Courtesy of Target.


FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA Avalanche All-Over Metallic Powder Set, $99, available at SephoraPhoto Courtesy of Sephora.

TeensTodays teens are just grown ups with enough time to do the things we only wish we could. Day jobs don’t allow for trips to the skate park or you leave us too tired in the morning to straighten your hair. Show the teens in your life to appreciate all that free time while they can with special birthday gifts this year.

Amika Mighty Mini Styler, $40, available at RevolvePhoto Courtesy of Revolve.


Toy Machine Fists Complete Skateboard 7.75 x 31.75, $89.99, available at Urban OutfittersPhoto Courtesy of Urban Outfitters.


Pixie Market White Beaded Bag, $119, available at Pixie MarketPhoto Courtesy of Pixie Market.

College StudentsGifting a college student is all about opting for utility. Think healthy supplements to get them through those late nights at the library or a bike to save some cash (and the environment). Basically, buy all the things we didn’t have in college that would have made a big difference.

Moon Juice Brain Dust, $38, available at Net-A-PorterPhoto Courtesy of Net-a-Porter.

College Students

Critical Cycles Harper Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Bike, $199.99, available at Westridge OutdoorsPhoto Courtesy of Retrospec.

College Students

Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack, $175, available at BandierPhoto Courtesy of Bandier.

FriendsBuying gifts for your friends is a much more personal endeavor. If you’re stuck on what to gift your BFF this year, remember, all anyone wants for fall is some good ‘ol hygge. Try a pair of pajamas that double as one hell of a going-out ‘fit or an oversized scarf to keep them bundled up through the chilly months.

Sleeper Black Pajama Set, $265, available at SleeperPhoto Courtesy of Sleeper.


Maison Louis Marie No.03 L’Étang Noir, $34, available at Need SupplyPhoto Courtesy of Need Supply.


& Other Stories Oversized Wool Scarf, $69, available at & Other StoriesPhoto Courtesy of & Other Stories.

Significant OthersNow’s the time to splurge and also the time really think about all those hints you’ve been getting over the last few weeks. Maybe your beau broke his or her Air Pods or lost their favorite shades during their last party weekend in Vegas. Here’s your easy chance to make everything well in the world again.

aHead Wireless Headphones, $145, available at AnthropologiePhoto Courtesy of Anthropologie.

Significant Others

Céline 46mm Square Sunglasses, $470, available at NordstromPhoto Courtesy of Nordstrom.

Significant Others

Acne Studios Csarite Wallet, $340, available at Forward By Elyse WalkerPhoto Courtesy of Forward by Elyse Walker.

ParentsYour parents deserve the world. Take their birthdays as a chance to show them that. But remember, they’re true adults, so they can likely buy themselves a lot of what they need on their own. Get them something they might not splurge on for themselves, but would make them happier to have.

Grosche Madrid French Press, $30, available at Saks Fifth AvenuePhoto Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue.


White + Warren Luxe Cashmere Robe, $478, available at ShopbopPhoto Courtesy of Shopbop.


Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntable, $299, available at AmazonPhoto Courtesy of Amazon.

GrandparentsIn all likelihood, your grandparents will adore anything you gift them. But don’t let that stop you from getting them something they’ll really love. Whether they’re big knitters or love photography from their heyday, find out what makes yours happy and run with that.

Vitruvi Stone Essential Oil Diffuser, $119, available at Free PeoplePhoto Courtesy of Free People.


We Are Knitters Chamonix Sweater Knitting Kit, $99, available at We Are KnittersPhoto Courtesy of We Are Knitters.


Assouline Dior: Memoire Book, $75, available at FarfetchPhoto Courtesy of Farfetch.

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Fast-Fashion Stores You Didn’t Know You Can Buy Your Halloween Costume From

For some people it’s a no-brainer to dress up as the most popular characters from summer’s top blockbusters or their favorite icons ripped from the tabloid headlines. But for others who’ve graduated on to more sophisticated Halloween costume pastures where cleverness trumps popularity and more importantly, palsy budgets trump those $100+ costume sets, you might what to look towards your favorite fast-fashion shops. If the likes of Topshop and ASOS aren’t on your list yet, you might be missing out.

While they’re not bereft of their own cheesy Halloween items like skeleton bodysuits and fake vampire teeth, some of our favorite fast-fashion shops have pretty stylish Halloween edits. And unlike whatever elaborate monstrosities you’ve put together in the past, you can actually wear these Halloween buys again and again.

This year, celebrate Halloween in style and shop fast-fashion stores ahead for some fashion friendly haunts.

At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.

Store: H&M

What To Expect: If you didn’t know H&M made its own costumes, here’s your heads-up. On top of ready-to-go looks, the Pretty Spooky store also carries costume enhancing headbands and themed tees.

H&M Costume, $39.99, available at H&MPhoto courtesy of H&M.

Store: Urban Outfitters

What To Expect: Urban Outfitter’s Halloween shop is always a winner. Between its consistent churn out of epic character onesies to cute cat ear headbands (this Bob Ross costume set takes the cake, though), there’s sure to be a creative costume you can spin out of its shop every time.

Urban Outfitters Fuzzy Cat Ears Headband, $12, available at Urban OutfittersUrban Outfitters Leopard Print Faux Fur Jacket, $129, available at Urban OutfittersPhoto courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

Store: ASOS

What To Expect: If being a little extra on Halloween is a competitive past time for you, welcome to ASOS’ Halloween edit. Tights with glow in the dark cats, rainbow-colored wigs, face jewels; ASOS’ offerings are not for the low-key holiday attendee.

ASOS Halloween Blood Drip Cut Out Midi Dress, $40, available at ASOSPhoto courtesy of ASOS.

Store: Topshop

What To Expect: If subtlety is more your Halloween speed, then drop by Topshop. Topshop’s Halloween shop touts costume finishing touches like animal print boots, cute adorned headbands, and even an editorial on how to do Halloween “the fashion way.”

Store: Forever 21

What To Expect: Forever 21 has been a last-minute Halloween staple since the dawn of time. We can always rely on them for easy costume grabs like a NASA jumpsuit or cheap cowboy boots.

Forever 21 City of Angels Camo Jumpsuit, $39.9, available at Forever 21

Store: Zara

What To Expect: For an added fashion flair, stop by Zara. It’s custom Halloween shop features a plethora of black dresses, glittery tops, and accessories that will add just the right zhuzh -ed up touch to any costume.

Zara Combined Pleated Dress, $69.9, available at Zara

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Get 50 games for £50 / $50 and benefit GamesAid

Good news if you’ve got some cash burning a hole in your pocket, prefer to play your games on PC, and happen to like giving to charity – this week, Green Man Gaming is offering up a giant bundle of games with the proceeds going to GamesAid. The charity, in case you don’t already know, is a UK-based charity aiming to help disabled and disadvantaged children and young people.

If you’ve got £50 / $50 / €50 to spare, you’ll get 50 games on PC and we’re not even talking an entire list of obscure indie titles. You’ll find games from Bethesda, Konami, Codemasters, Curve, WB Games, Rebellion, Team 17 and more, all up for grabs.

Some choice highlights from the list include both Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes, the Dungeon-Keeper-meets-Bond classic that is Evil Genius, indie murder cleanup sim Serial Cleaner, The Little Acre – a point-and-click adventure from the creator of Broken Sword, maudlin but poignant survival game This War of Mine, the original Rage, one of David Cage’s more questionable creations Fahrenheit and more.

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10 Reasons to Support Mercury-Free Dentistry

By Dr. Mercola

It’s Mercury Awareness Week — a time when I focus on how and why we, together, can end the use of dental amalgam, which has no role in 21st century dentistry. By now you likely know that amalgam dental fillings are 50 percent mercury — a toxic heavy metal that has no place in the human body. 

But do you know about all the many other problems caused by this outdated dental product? Next time a pro-mercury dentist tries to illogically claim that the mercury in their amalgam is perfectly safe, as the Boy Scouts motto goes, “Be Prepared.”

Today I give you 10 more reasons to support mercury-free dentistry. The bottom line is no one should receive mercury fillings, despite what the pro-mercury dentists, insurance companies and the government bureaucrats say!

The campaign for mercury-free dentistry is led by an effective nonprofit group which spends its funds carefully and efficiently: Consumers for Dental Choice. I have worked closely for several years with its leader, Charlie Brown, and I continue to see the results we need. 

So, I now step up to match all donations received until August 20, 2018. This year, I’ve raised the match ceiling by 25 percent, from $100,000 to $125,000. With my match, here is a way for you to double your charity money!

>>>>> Click Here <<<<<

Checks can be mailed to: 

Consumers for Dental Choice
316 F St., N.E., Suite 210
Washington DC 20002

Reason No. 1: Amalgam’s Mercury Puts Children at Risk

Amalgam emits mercury vapor even after it is implanted into the body. This mercury is bioaccumulative and crosses the placenta to accumulate in fetuses, as well. Dental amalgam’s mercury is a known health risk, especially for children, fetuses, nursing infants and people with impaired kidney function. 

Even the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concedes that the developing neurological systems of children and fetuses are more susceptible to “the neurotoxic effects of mercury vapor,” and that there is no evidence that amalgam is safe for these populations.

Now Consumers for Dental Choice is working to make FDA take action to end amalgam use in children — a step the European Union (EU) has already taken. Via citizen petitions, coalition-building, workshops, international pressure and grassroots organizing, they will succeed! You can join in by signing Consumers for Dental Choice’s online petition.

>>>>> Click Here <<<<<

Reason No. 2: Amalgam Damages Your Teeth

Placing amalgam requires the removal of a significant amount of healthy tooth matter. This removal weakens overall tooth structure, which increases the need for future dental work. On top of that, amalgam fillings — which expand and contract over time — crack teeth, once again creating the need for more dental work.

Consumers for Dental Choice is bringing to light this lesser known health consequence of amalgam, making sure that policymakers and patients know about it too.

Reason No. 3: Amalgam Pollutes the Environment

Amalgam pollutes 1) water via dental clinic releases and human waste; 2) air via cremation, dental clinic emissions, sludge incineration and respiration; and 3) land via landfills, burials and fertilizer. Once in the environment, dental mercury converts to its even more toxic form: methylmercury and becomes a major source of mercury in the fish people eat.

Dental mercury in the environment can cause brain damage and neurological problems, especially for children and the unborn babies, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Consumers for Dental Choice was instrumental in getting amalgam recognized as a significant environmental problem at the negotiations for the Minamata Convention on Mercury, an environmental treaty that requires countries to reduce their amalgam use. 

In the meantime, Consumers teamed with environmental allies to successfully convince the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to require separators in dental offices to catch amalgam’s mercury before it enters the wastewater.

Reason No. 4: Amalgam Endangers Dental Professionals

Due to mercury exposure from amalgam in the workplace, studies have shown dental workers have elevated systemic mercury levels. Few of these dental workers — mostly women of child-bearing age — are given protective garb or air masks to minimize their exposure to mercury; many are not aware of the risks of occupational mercury exposure. 

As a result, dental workers have reported neurological problems, reproductive failures and birth defects caused by amalgam in the workplace. Consumers for Dental Choice has been raising awareness of the occupational hazards of mercury in the dental office by working with dental schools and professors, as well as supporting projects to measure the level of mercury in the air in dental clinics to demonstrate just how much mercury dental personnel are exposed to.

Reason No. 5: Amalgam Perpetuates Social Injustice

While middle class consumers opt for mercury-free filling materials, people in developing nations, low-income families, minorities, military personnel, prisoners, and people with disabilities are still subjected to amalgam. Dentists place almost 25 percent more mercury fillings in American Indian patients than in white patients.

In his testimony before Congress, former Virginia state NAACP president Emmitt Carlton described this injustice as “Choice for the rich, mercury for the poor.” Consumers for Dental Choice’s Medicaid campaign aims to right some of these social injustices by ensuring that even low-income patients have access to mercury-free fillings. 

For example, they are challenging Connecticut’s Medicaid program that decreed “Medicaid will not pay for composite restorations in the [adult] molar teeth regardless of whether the [dental] practice markets itself as ‘amalgam free'” and tells dentists, “If your office cannot provide amalgam services, please have your patients call the Connecticut Dental Health Partnership (CTDHP) … to locate a new dental home.”

Here is your opportunity, with my matching funds, to double the impact of your dollars, and accelerate the end of mercury fillings:

>>>>> Click Here <<<<<

Reason No. 6: Amalgam Is Frequently Used Unethically  

Most dentists do not inform consumers that amalgam contains mercury. As a result, over 76 percent of consumers do not know that amalgam is mainly mercury, according to Zogby polls. Once informed of this fact, 77 percent of people said they did not want mercury fillings — and were even willing to pay more to avoid this unnecessary source of mercury exposure.

Consumers for Dental Choice has not only documented this problem with Zogby polls, but they have worked to secure and enforce the distribution of amalgam fact sheets in Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, California and the city of Philadelphia.

Reason No. 7: Amalgam Is More Expensive

Taxpayers foot the bill for the environmental cleanup of amalgam and the medical care associated with mercury-related health problems. Meanwhile, the dentists who dump their mercury into our environment and our bodies are not held financially liable.

Consumers for Dental Choice documented the high environmental cost of amalgam in the economic report, “The Real Costs of Dental Mercury.”1 After environmental costs are added up, each amalgam filling can cost up to $87 more than a comparable composite filling, and that does not even include the added health costs associated with mercury exposure and tooth damage.

Reason No. 8: Amalgam Gets Diverted to Illegal Gold Mining and Other Unlawful Uses

Amalgam is commonly shipped to developing countries labeled for dental use, but is then diverted to illegal use in artisanal and small-scale gold mining. Not only are the miners exposed to the risks of mercury poisoning, but the dental mercury they use to extract gold is released into the environment.

Consumers for Dental Choice works to raise awareness of these issues, especially in developing countries where illegal gold mining is more common. By teaming with environmental organizations on the ground in these countries, we are able to efficiently spread the word about this unintended — and still dangerous — use of amalgam.

Reason No. 9: Amalgam Holds Back Progress   

The continued use of amalgam keeps the price of mercury-free filling materials high by decreasing demand for these alternatives. As use of mercury-free materials increases, their price is expected to decrease even further.

Additionally, insurance companies that rely on amalgam as the standard filling hold back progress in dentistry by artificially driving demand away from mercury-free fillings. Consumers for Dental Choice is challenging insurance companies with its Demand Your Choice campaign, which urges consumers to speak out against insurance companies that take their money and then only cover mercury fillings.

Reason No. 10: Amalgam Has Been Surpassed by Alternatives

Mercury-free dental fillings have been developed and studied for over 50 years. As a result, a wide variety of alternatives to amalgam fillings are available today; the most popular mercury-free filling is composite.

As Consumers for Dental Choice explains to government officials, dentists and consumers worldwide, mercury-free dental fillings offer many advantages because in addition to not containing mercury, they are:

Environment-friendly: Composites and glass ionomers are mercury-free and there is no evidence of environmental toxicity.

Preserve teeth: The placement of mercury-free fillings allows for less tooth destruction, which preserves more natural tooth structure. Composites fillings can also strengthen and enhance biomechanical properties of the restored tooth. As a result, the tooth itself can survive longer.

Easier to repair: Composite fillings are easier to repair than amalgam, which can save you both tooth structure and money.

Durable: Recent studies show that properly placed composite fillings can last just as long as, or even longer than, amalgam fillings.

Prevent caries: Glass ionomers, used in atraumatic restorative treatment (ART), have proven valuable in certain clinical situations where they can be more accessible and less expensive than amalgam (for example, in communities without electricity).

User-friendly: All properly trained dentists can place mercury-free fillings in any tooth requiring a filling. If a dentist tells you he or she has to use amalgam because it is too hard to use a mercury-free filling in your tooth, find a more competent dentist!

How You Can Make a Difference

With so many reasons to end the use of amalgam, I urge you to contribute to Consumers for Dental Choice, the advocacy wing of the mercury-free dentistry movement. Donations are tax deductible and can be made online at Please join me with every dollar you can. I promise you that I will double it! Thank you for supporting mercury-free dentistry.

>>>>> Click Here <<<<<

Checks can be mailed to: 

Consumers for Dental Choice
316 F St., N.E., Suite 210
Washington DC 20002

Protect Your Children and Yourself Now

Find a mercury-free dentist who recognizes the many problems with mercury fillings and provides non-mercury fillings today! The following organizations can help you find a mercury-free dentist in the U.S. and (in some cases) internationally:

Consumers for Dental Choice

Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions (DAMS). Email [email protected] or call (651) 644-4572 for information packet

Holistic Dental Association

Huggins Applied Healing

International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine (IABDM)

International Association of Mercury Safe Dentists (IAMSD)

Talk International

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Let’s Get Physical! 20 Easy Exercise Ideas for Parents and Kids

“Don’t look at it as exercise — instead, play games and have a ton of fun! The main thing is just to get outside every day and do something you think is fun. You can play sports like soccer, basketball, or badminton. You can play games like freeze tag or ride a bike or do running races with your friends or family. You can go on hikes with your family or go swimming or paddling. Do lots of different things, and again, focus on having fun, and doing it often.” – Leo Babauta

a parent, so you don’t have time to exercise, right? I can relate. But moving our bodies is a basic part of self-care.  We can’t nurture our kids
with emotional generosity unless we nurture ourselves at the same time. And we aren’t fully nurturing ourselves unless we figure out a way to get physical. 

We all feel a lot more energetic when we move and stretch. It actually changes the chemistry of our bodies so we’re happier, more relaxed, and our bodies
are healthier.  We not only look better, we feel better — and so we “act” better as parents. Exercise is the one of the most effective “treatments”
for tendencies to anxiety and depression, after deep breathing and getting enough sleep. What more incentive do you need?

If you can motivate yourself to go out running, or to the gym, and you can leave your kids with your partner or trade off with a friend, you’ve got
it covered. But if you’re like the rest of us, you need to find fun ways to be active while you’re WITH your children.  Luckily, you have children
to be active with, so you have a head start!

Kids love it when you play physically with them. It’s a terrific way to add some connection and fun back into a relationship that too often deteriorates
into constant correction and conflict. You don’t need to tell your kids this exercising is for you — they’ll assume it’s special family time! And
if your child is spending too much time staring at screens, this is the best way to get her up and moving.

The secret is setting aside the time. Even ten minutes a day outside together is a great start during the week. On the weekend, you can plan an outing.
Before you know it, you’ll have worked up to 20 minutes daily, with an hour on weekend days. Sure, you’ll skip some days. But if that’s more exercise
than you’re getting now, read on.

Simply put your “Let’s Get Physical” time on the calendar. Then, choose a fun family activity that requires physical exertion. When you find something
you love doing, do more of it. Soon you’ll have a whole repertoire of family physical activities that make everyone in your family happy.

For instance:

Put on music and dance with your family.
Use your little one as a football; run her around the rest of the family into the end zone. Your kids will love it.
Take a soccer ball outside and take turns chasing each other as you dribble the ball. Kids love the soccer practice.
Play tag or frisbee with your children.
Join your kids on the monkey bars. Great upper body workout! Who cares what the other parents think?
When you’re confined to the house, play “Take off each others’ socks,” wrestling, or chase games. (Anything that gets your kids laughing. That’s a
huge bonus, because you’re helping them evaporate any anxieties they’re carrying around.)
Let each person in the family take turns being the leader while the rest of the family follows, doing jumping jacks, sun salutations, sit-ups, or invented
Keep any bubble wrap that comes your way in a bag at the back of your closet. On a rainy day, pull it out for a Bubble-Wrap dance party!
Get work-out DVDs from the library, or watch on YouTube, and exercise with your kids.

For outings:

Load the kids and their bikes or scooters into the car and drive to the track at your local high school in the evening or on the weekend when it’s
empty.  Let the kids ride their trikes or bikes around the track, while you walk or jog.
Join the local Y or pool so you can swim all year. Just put floaties or other floatation wear on your child, hold him in one arm on your hip, and swim
with the other arm for a terrific workout.
“Baby & Me” yoga classes will help you keep good form while you get your stretch on.
Listen to your favorite podcasts while you walk briskly with your little one in a carrier or stroller.
Take family pride in how far you can park from your destination and walk. (“Is this a two block day? Let’s go for it!”)
Let your exercise time double as social time by walking with a friend and her child; the kids will entertain each other.
Chasing your toddler all over the playground? Instead of resenting it, get a pedometer, and work up to 10,000 steps a day.
If your child is old enough, bike or roller blade together. One dad I know took up skate boarding with his 11 year old. Great for his body, great for
their relationship as his son headed into the teen years.
Want to get an older child or teen moving? Do a charity run together.

When you’re working outside the home:

Walk or bike to work (If it takes an extra 15 minutes each way, that’s a small price to pay for so much exercise.)
Use the stairs instead of the elevator at work.
Walk around your office while you’re on the phone. Use a pedometer and keep trying to increase your daily steps.
Work standing whenever possible.

You won’t believe how much ten minutes of movement daily will lift your mood. And when we feel good, it has an almost magical effect on our children. We
have a lighter touch, and a sense of humor. We don’t get triggered as easily. All of which makes our kids happier and more cooperative. So think of
this as “we” time– bonding time with your family that gives you huge collateral benefits.

You’re also getting your child hooked on an active lifestyle, which is a great counter-balance to all that screen-time in our lives. Kids who are physically
active into the preteen and teen years are 75% less likely to be overweight when they’re grown.

If you do this every single day, you’ll all start looking forward to it. Way to nurture yourself and your child at the same time! 


This is post #4 in our series on self care: The Secret of the Full Cup

#1 -The Secret of the Full Cup: Self Care

#2- 10 Stress Busting Strategies for Parents

#3- Five Ways To Nurture Yourself While Nurturing Your Child


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Barneys Warehouse’s Epic Flash Sale Is Offering Up To 90% Off

There are few things that get us as worked up as seeing the phrase “take an extra __% off the sale price.” Barneys Warehouse is always a go-to for finding a good a deal, but in addition to its huge site-wide season sale (which is already 50-70% off), it’s launching a “Style Sprint” flash sale from now through the first week of August.

For the next 10 days, Barneys Warehouse will be selecting a new category (think jewelry, sandals, sweaters, dresses, etc.) each day that you can shop for an extra 20% off. That brings your total possible savings to up to 90% (yeah, take it in). For the flash sale’s inaugural launch on Thursday, Barneys Warehouse is marking down all accessories site-wide.

You can expect the sale to be filled to the brim with trickled down designer goods from the likes of Chloé, Acne Studios, and Sies Marjan. But we recommend keeping a weathered eye on “lower-priced” brands (Barneys New York Collection, Solid & Striped, and J Brand) to really benefit from the sale.

It feels like the old school days of Barney’s Warehouse’s epic clearances at its old Chelsea hub all over again. And hey, in case you haven’t heard, Mercury’s back in retrograde today, so if there’s ever been a legitimate excuse to spend your cash, it’s now.

There’s a lot of product out there, some would say too much. No doubt this has left you with an overwhelming set of questions about the latest must-haves. Luckily we’ve got answers. At Refinery29 we are here to help you navigate this epic world of stuff. All of our editorial market is independently selected and curated by the team. But if you buy something we link to on our site Refinery29 may earn commission.

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